Mental health is just as important as physical health and has a direct impact on the way we think, feel and act in all aspects of life. If we don’t have a good state of mind, how can we truly live our life to the fullest? 

Every day at The Women’s Organisation, we are helping women to start or grow a sustainable business, something which requires determination, self-belief and confidence – three qualities highly dependent on good mental health.

Therefore, we know that only when a woman believes in herself and the possibilities will she have the confidence to make change, and that’s why personal development is such a vital part of our services at The Women’s Organisation.

An environment that takes positive action to ensure that everyone is supported to reach their true potential is one that thrives. When we have high levels of well-being, we are happier, more satisfied and motivated. Therefore, it is in the remit of individuals, organisations and communities to be an advocate for good mental health.

Every year, the Mental Health Foundation run a week-long campaign to raise awareness around mental health, with the current focus looking at ‘stress’ and encouraging us to ask ourselves – ‘are we coping?’ They found that 74% of people have felt so stressed ‘they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope’.

Here in the UK, we work the longest hours in Europe, meaning we often don’t spend enough time doing things we really enjoy. The NHS identifies ‘me time’ as an important stress-buster. 

We encourage you to ask yourself, how long has it been since you took time for you?

Our personal development programmes give women the time and space to really think about themselves, begin building a more positive outlook, and as a result start looking to the future with new hope.

When it comes to putting time aside for you, whether it’s a one-day course or a 4-8-week programme, we have something for every woman. This time gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and begin making better choices for your future, alongside like-minded women.

The outcome ..

‘I leave feeling fired up. I don’t go back home to bed and pull the quilt over my head, I do something. I’ll say to myself, after the course I’ll go and meet a friend or do something different.’

‘It has helped in all aspects of life, including my family life, my career goals and my self-worth’

‘A fantastic course that has helped me in many ways. I have my bad days, but I now have the strength, confidence and knowledge to deal with it.’

‘Thank you for understanding me. I’ve finally got my confidence back and know that we women DO matter’

If you want to take some time for yourself, find out more about our one-day course Become a More Confident You and Change It over on the website, or by contacting us on 0151 706 8111 or