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Policy Development

Helping to Shape National Policy

Since our inception, The Women’s Organisation has provided leadership and vision to help inform policy locally and nationally. We regularly contribute to research, policy consultation, conferences and seminars, and relish the opportunity to share the insights we have acquired.

Thanks to our expertise, international reputation, and pragmatic approach, we have earned a seat at the table for many local, national and international organisations. We make sure that women’s interests are vocalised. We actively lobby to raise awareness and highlight the key issues women are facing in business, communities, politics and the wider world.

Whether we are building strategic partnerships, raising awareness around specific issues, providing research that demonstrates need, or sharing success stories of women in enterprise, we are always looking for opportunities to influence the public debate and the policies that are put in place.

By highlighting the challenges – and solutions – to women’s economic and personal fulfilment, we are helping to raise the standard of services they receive.