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Gender Equality

Promoting Gender Equality

Gender equality is not just good for women. It is good for everyone.

While the past 100 years has seen big strides towards a more equal society, there remains a lot of work to do. Women are still paid less and are systemically kept out of positions of power, which, in turn, ensures women and the issues that affect them remain overlooked.

We’re committed to changing that.

We want to inspire greater gender equality from the grass roots to the highest levels of decision making – because equality benefits us all. Studies have shown that gender equality is intrinsically linked to a sustainable, economically thriving society. It is why the UN has it as one of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it is why we try to tackle gender inequality everywhere we can.

We have spent years working with women, learning their lived experiences. We channel that knowledge into everything we do, combating inequality at all levels to build an equal society that works for everyone.