Are you ready to start a new chapter?

If you’ve found this page you’ve already taken the all important first step; Finding out more about our Kickstart Scheme roles.

To work here you have to be passionate. We’ve been training, supporting and inspiring women since 1996 and we’re committed to creating a more equal world. It’s a big task, but it’s not beyond our reach, and we prove this by making progress, together every day. We have supported over 60,000 women and helped to create more than 4,000 businesses, but the ways that we are generating impact is constantly changing, and that’s why we need you.

If you’re interested in our Kickstart Scheme roles, you’ll be joining a team with purpose. From our Baltic Triangle based building we reach a network of local, national and international communities, businesses and people to instigate positive change. We teach, we listen, we lobby, we discuss, we inspire, we learn, we understand, we volunteer.The environment is lively, it’s friendly and our work is vital to ensure every woman has a seat at the table and every girl has a strong role model for the future.

Our services have helped women to achieve incredible things both personally and professionally, and in many different ways. This is why, when you join our team, your voice is heard from day one. We want your ambitious ideas and creative input. We want to hear your questions and personal experience, we want to help you learn and progress.

But, don’t take us at face value, meet Lucy.

“During my final year of university, I volunteered at The Women’s Organisation one day per week, seeking to gain office experience in an environment that matched my own values and interests. Studying media and sociology, The Women’s Organisation was the perfect place to immerse myself.

“I started out on the administration team, supporting with reception and office admin while learning more about the organisation’s work and the various teams and skill sets that existed within the company. This gave me the space to understand what team or role I would like to be a part of in the future, and has proved invaluable to my career path.

“I discovered my passion in marketing, communications and events, and that I was particularly motivated by working for social businesses with purpose. I loved my time volunteering there, so much so that I applied for a job once I finished my degree and was able to join as a full-time member of the marketing team.

“I stayed for a total of five years and believe that the organisation helped to fast-track my personal success. The fast-paced environment allowed me to work on a range of projects and meant that I was always challenging myself to be and do better. My time at The Women’s Organisation helped me to understand the type of person and the type of professional I want to be. I still see the values of The Women’s Org has instilled in me, and I know that I will carry them throughout my entire career. I would advise anyone lucky enough to be offered the chance to start their career at The Women’s Organisation to grab that opportunity with both hands.” Lucy Cashman, Digital Innovations and Project Manager, ADHD Foundation

We’re currently recruiting for two Kickstart Scheme roles;

Social Media & Marketing Trainee – Working in media and marketing at The Women’s Organisation puts you right at the heart of issues affecting women across the globe. Listening and responding to live discussions, events and breaking news, you’ll be part of the team that represents the organisation on the digital map. If social media is your thing, this could be your first step in a career in an exciting career path.

Customer Service Administrator Trainee – Imagine picking up the phone to hear all about an innovative and exciting new business idea. Or how about helping a customer to access wellbeing or much-needed financial support advice and training? Offering friendly, informed advice and helping to support training, business programmes and events, plus lots more, is exactly what you’ll be doing when you join our Customer Service team. If you’re looking for job satisfaction, you’ll find it by the bucket-load, here.

There’s no such thing as a typical day. We are here to level the playing field, help women to open doors and have their voices heard. And that includes yours.

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