DWP announce second cost of living payment to land next month

Millions of the country’s most vulnerable families and households will receive the second cost-of-living payment next month, as part of the Government’s pledge to provide support where it is most needed.

A £650 grant was announced in August, with other initial instalments being paid out between July and September. This week, the DWP announced that the second instalment would be made available from 8 November.

The cost-of-living payments are tax-free and do not affect existing benefits caps or awards.

The grant is being offered to families and households on a means-tested basis, including those receiving the following:

  • Universal credit
  • Income-based jobseeker’s allowance
  • Income-related employment and support allowance
  • Income Support
  • Working tax credit
  • Child tax credit
  • Pension credit

And, according to Government guidance, those who are eligible for cost-of-living payments need not apply – the payment should be automatically submitted through your bank, in the same way you receive existing benefits.

Second Cost of Living Payment

When is the Second Cost of Living Payment?

The date you receive the second instalment will depend on what sort of state benefits or support you receive, though all payments are expected to land by November 23.

The grants are just one of the measures announced by the Government designed to help some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Council tax rebates and energy grants have also been announced as part of a package of support to help combat the cost-of-living crisis.

In August, The Women’s Organisation also unveiled a new package of targeted support for people out of work in the Liverpool City Region, who were likely be among those hit hardest by increasing financial pressures.

The Better Off Fund

The Better Off Fund is a fully financed programme of support for anybody looking to enter or re-enter employment in the Liverpool City Region. It provides

  • Travel passes
  • Free childcare
  • Lunch expenses
  • Mobile phone top ups
  • Individual grants for training and upskilling.

The scheme will also deliver specific training in managing your personal finances, building your confidence, preparing for interviews and developing digital and social media skills. Training can be accessed both on and offline at a range of community-based locations and is available to those receiving the second cost of living payment, as well as those that aren’t.

Second Cost Of Living Payment

Head of engagement and marketing at The Women’s Organisation, Germaine Fryer, said: “Whilst Government’s help and assistance for the most vulnerable members of our society is most welcome, we recognise that more must be done to empower thousands more who are bearing the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis.

“Over eight million people in the UK will receive financial support. But we know that there are millions more who are right now feeling the pressure of the cost-of-living crisis, palpably and painfully.

“We hope to be able to reach out to those people who may feel like there are no options available to them, to let them know that although the situation may seem impossible and inescapable, it isn’t.

“Economies never stand still and no situation stays the same for long. The picture will improve, but it’s important to let people know that there are opportunities right now to begin to take charge of their futures. Please get in touch with us, we’re here and we’re ready to help.”

For more information on The Better Off Fund, contact our team today on 0151 706 8113 or click here to find out more.