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Yasmin’s Story

After facing several difficult and drastic changes in her life, Yasmin’s confidence had taken a bit of a blow. Through taking part in Change It: Progress to Success, Yasmin’s new self-belief has allowed her to take on new challenges, and even set up a business.

What is Change It?

Change It: Progress to Success is 4- to 8-week confidence and resilience building programme, designed to help women feel more positive about themselves and what they can achieve. Open to women of all ages and backgrounds, Change It has helped many participants go on to dream bigger, pursue their ambitions, and change their lives.

Yasmin’s Story

Yasmin’s life had taken undergone many unexpected changes. She found herself in a tricky situation with a lot to deal with, having to move house on top of other ongoing issues. She says:

“I felt I could not do it alone as I did not trust myself handling it all on my own.”

Yasmin was finding it difficult to confront her present problems, let alone think about how to progress in the future. Recognising that she needed help with her confidence and keen to create positive change within her own life, Yasmin signed up for Change It at The Women’s Organisation.

Overcoming her anxiety to attend the first session was difficult, but once she met the other women and spoke to the tutor, coming along became easier – and enjoyable.

Like a lot of women who attend the course, Yasmin had lot of ambition and plenty of big ideas, but struggled with putting these ideas into action. Change It helped her to realise her potential and find the new direction she needed. She now feels confident that if she keeps moving forward and challenging herself, she can be who she wants to be: a happy, well-rounded person.

Yasmin says: “I still get days where I doubt myself. But I know I have come along way and I constantly challenge myself to prove I can do anything!”

Since attending the course, Yasmin has exercised her new-found confidence and independence in all kinds of ways. She has attended retreats alone, travelled by herself, and feels confident going to dance classes and gym sessions without needing a friend to join her.

One of the most influential parts of the programme for Yasmin was her tutor, who took the time to explain things clearly to make sure everyone really understood. She also loved having the chance to meet other women and learn their different stories and journeys.

“I liked the fact we learned about the ups and downs you can face in life, and the way the tutor explained it with a simple chart made things very clear. It made me think you can always feel better, you do not have to stay feeling the way you do. We are all different, but we all get to the same place at the end if we keep pushing.”

Looking to the future, Yasmin would love to expand her new business and help more women build their confidence through dance and movement. To anyone currently thinking about taking part in the Change It programme, her message could not be clearer:

“Yes, do it! Whoever you are and whatever you are going through…do it!”

Personal Development

We offer a range of personal development services for women looking to build their confidence and self-esteem. Contact our team to find out how we can support you on your journey.