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Tilly’s Story

When Tilly came to our Better Off Finance programme, she was unemployed and struggling with turning her life around. Through this programme, Tilly found renewed positivity and motivation, gained confidence in her own abilities, and is now employed full-time.

When we first met Tilly

After being out of work for several years to become a mum, Tilly was feeling isolated, had lost her confidence, and was uncertain of how to begin getting her life back on track. Her self-esteem had taken a knock, and through being at home most of the time, she felt as though she lacked opportunities to get back out there. Unsure of where turn, Tilly approached Better Off Finance.

What is Better off Finance?

Better Off Finance supports people who are facing challenges moving forwards or accessing employment opportunities.
For many of us, our finances are a barrier to finding and keeping a job. Better Off Finance helps to remove those barriers. From providing help with benefits and giving guidance on better money management, to directing participants towards training opportunities and assisting with CVs and interview preparation, it provides a fresh approach to their current situation and lots of ideas on how to move forward.

Tilly today

After completing the Better Off Finance programme and receiving 1 to 1 support from her key worker, Tilly feels like a completely different person and her circumstances have improved significantly.

Many of the skills and tips she learned have helped her save significant amounts on her monthly bills – from £200 a year on her water bill, the same again on her annual car insurance, and £360 a year on her energy bills. She is now a much savvier shopper, making her money go further by shopping around and getting the best deal.

Better Off Finance offer personal development and training courses to build confidence and provide opportunities to gain new skills. After completing the programme, Tilly felt confident enough to begin volunteering to help people in a similar situation to her, and has since used her newfound skills to re-enter employment.

She now works full-time as a social prescriber, an opportunity she would never have considered accessible to her a few years ago:

“Without the support of Better Off Finance, I would not have even thought about applying for these kind of jobs”.

A more stable financial outlook has had a huge positive impact on Tilly’s overall wellbeing. She has joined a band, and thinks of herself in a better light; she can see that her skills and life experiences are of value to the world, and as she says: ‘I like myself now’.

The exercises she learned on the course have stayed with her, too – if she has a wobble where she doubts herself, she can draw on her skills to help her through. She has even taught her son how to use them!

Tilly says: “Better Off Finance has changed my life. I am much happier, more positive and confident and have better self-worth. I am also financially stable and have just bought my first house.”

Better Off Finance

Better Off Finance is an innovative partnership funded by Building Better Opportunities via European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund. The programme supports residents of the Liverpool City Region with developing financial capability skills and improving employment prospects.