5 years ago, Yasmin Annie moved to Liverpool to start dance training at Lipa. Her career took off and she founded her own company ‘Percaya Dance’ whilst juggling being a dancer, performer & business woman. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious, she knew something had to change…

“I would get days where I just didn’t see the point in anything I was doing and I felt like I couldn’t handle anything alone. I felt I was pathetic and relied on everyone and that one day everyone was going to leave me and I’d be alone having to deal with life. I had no confidence in myself feeling like I had constantly to get reassurance off everyone, it was tiring and straining for people around me.

Yasmin Annie
Yasmin Annie

I went on to do the ‘Change it’ course which came conveniently right after the break up. It felt like fate! During the ‘Change it’ course I learnt a lot. I learnt that I was not alone, even in a room full of ladies I’d never met. Change It made me feel like I was apart of something, because everyone in that room was going through something, they had their own battles, their own stories but we all at some point felt the same feelings! 

I didn’t feel 100% and I wasn’t sure how to change it. I’m obsessed with self help books and anything to help myself feel and be a better person. I’ve been to counselling, CBT, hypnosis and I think all these things are great and potentially could work more effectively for others, however for myself I couldn’t keep up with the sessions as well as my hectic life.

Just before I went on the course, I went through a break up which meant I had to move out of my house and change my surroundings. This terrified me because I had to face one of my biggest fears: being alone, feeling abandoned and having to deal with life alone. My go-to reaction was ‘I can’t do that’.

The best thing about the programme was the trainer and the knowledge she had. Jenny is an asset to the Woman’s Org courses, she helped me a lot, she understood, cared and listened and had so much information to share.
I learnt so much, which I now use in my everyday life, which gets me through my days. I think I’ve have always been strong and confident deep down but I never told myself enough which was the issue! After leaving the course I reminded myself everyday that I was confident and that I could handle life on my own and that I am a strong person. It wasn’t always easy at first I felt like I was reading a script about someone else and it didn’t connect to me at all! But everyday I developed and I started to notice a change and ways I would approach something in more of a positive way. I felt brave!

I still have a lot to learn and practice but I’m at a great place and I can and will handle what is thrown at me. I can do that by helping people, helping myself and helping in general through dance, and just having a tight network of women around me because I think we are good support for each other! 

Women who are thinking about doing ‘Change it’ Just do it! You won’t lose anything from doing it. Only gain, gain a lot of amazing friends going through so many different things, which will broaden your mind! You will gain the knowledge that everyone has their own rough journeys but everyone’s goal in the end is the same which is to be happy within themselves so why not help each other to get there. Finally you will learn that you deserve happiness and you will get there by following your own path!

I have changed a lot with the help of Womens Org and also by believing in myself that I can change things. I am so happy that I made the decision to go and I made that decision on my own and I am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come.”

We have new dates available for Change it!

54 St James Street – Monday 14th January 2018, 10-3 (4 Sessions)

Wavertree Childrens’s Centre – Tuesday 15th January 2018, 12:30-15:30 (5 Sessions)

Kensington Childrens Centre – Wednesday 16th January, 1-3 (8 Sessions with half term break in February)

Speke Childrens Centre – Thursday 17th January 2018, 9:15-12:15 (5 Sessions)

Belle Vale Childrens Centre – Thursday 24th January, 1-3 (8 Sessions)

If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or book a place, contact us on 0151 706 8111 or hello@thewo.org.uk and find out how we can support you.