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The number of women-owned social enterprises are growing rapidly in the UK. More and more women are starting businesses that seek to create positive social impact. These businesses are committed to making a difference in their communities, and they are helping to reshape the business landscape in the UK.


According to a report by Social Enterprise UK, 63% of social enterprises in the UK are led by women. This is a significant contrast to the wider business sector, where women are often underrepresented in leadership positions.


Women-owned social enterprises are making a positive impact in a variety of sectors, from healthcare and education to environmental sustainability and community development. Many are focused on addressing social issues that disproportionately affect women. This includes gender inequality, access to education and healthcare, and violence against women.


Meet Nadine, founder of Thrivin’ Together CIC


Tameside-based Nadine came to The Women’s Organisation to help set up her social enterprise Thrivin’ Together CIC. She realised there was a gap in the UK market for female-focused gambling harm support. She is expanding her services to create a truly inclusive space, including themes surrounding crime, neurodiversity, relationships, faith, and health.


women-owned social enterprises


Nadine is currently advertising a call out looking for relevant organisations, charities, and women to collaborate with. You can find out more here.



Women-owned social enterprises are also playing an important role in addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship. According to research by NatWest, only 34% of entrepreneurs in the UK are women. However, social enterprises led by women are helping to bridge this gap and create more opportunities for women in business.

There is no doubt that women-owned social enterprises are making a significant contribution to the UK economy and society, while also promoting gender equality and social justice. By supporting these businesses, we can help to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.



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women-owned social enterprises