Now if you’re a business in need of a bit of attention, then maybe Steve McEvoy and Frederick Warham of My Dresser Limited can help!  If it’s anything to do with promotional displays, then look no further than My Dresser Ltd.
My Dresser Ltd.

However, the first shoots of entrepreneurship sprouted many years before.  Fred was one of 14 siblings, so it’s no wonder he started doing a paper round at 12 years old as every penny helped.  He became the youngest ever UK manager of a certain fast food franchise but eventually cut his teeth in Australia where he was responsible for all the merchandising and window displays for a women’s boutique/florist shop!  Fred had to become very creative and it was with these skills and innate talent that paved the way for a successful career in window dressing.  As they were best mates at the time, Steve also ended up in Australia with Fred, but this was after he had set up and then sold on two shops in Liverpool (at a profit he is quick to add).  After Oz, Steve then put his Degree to good use, studied for his PGCE and then embarked on a career as a science teacher for 20 years.
With Fred travelling all over the UK and Steve having to cope with noisy kids every day, both decided a change was needed, and My Dresser Ltd seemed the next logical step.
My Dresser Ltd can offer a whole package of services to enable businesses to make the most of any promotional space available for merchandising and displays.  They can quickly assess what’s needed and, through careful collaboration with the business, come up with a product guaranteed to make that business stand out from the crowd.  They also work with garden centres, events companies, various venues and hotels along with all manner of retail outlet. Whether it’s old-school wood, card and MDF or more high-tech LCD/LED displays, My Dresser Ltd can do the lot.
Are there any words of wisdom that Steve or Fred would like to share?  Steve is keen to point out: “Plan ahead!  If you don’t, you could end up looking foolish.”
And how did Enterprise Hub help?  Again, Steve responds:  Paul and Heidi at Enterprise Hub have really given us the ability to focus on what really matters.  The support from Enterprise Hub has boosted our confidence and, most importantly, helped us to make informed choices!”
And what made him nervous?  “The unknown!”  Anything to do with tax or legal requirements made us both very nervous.”
So, if you’re a business with a shop window needing some TLC, or perhaps you’re a venue running an event that needs to look fabulous, then why not get in touch with My Dresser Ltd?  You can contact Fred/Steve on 07500 646 641 or email them at

And if you would like to get advice on the elements of starting or growing a business that make you most nervous, get in touch with the Enterprise Hub team via or 0151 706 8113.

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