July at The Women’s Organisation is a month dedicated to our worldwide reach. Whether it’s our international projects and partners, the diversity within our own team or our merchandise popping up on all corners of the globe, we’ll be celebrating the marvels of internationalism! 

Our office is a proud workplace for people from all backgrounds and cultures and we’d like to pay homage to that. You’ll already be familiar with many of these faces, who have been working with us for as many as 19 years. Take a read of their international experience and find out just how they ended up with us here at The Women’s Organisation .. 

Huda Mamoun – Senior Business Adviser

“I grow up at the banks of the River Niles city, Khartoum in Sudan, and had also lived in Ethiopia and Kenya, during my teen years. Coming from a mixed cultural background of African origin and Arabic language speaking as a mother tongue, it has been a privilege for me to understand cross cultural heritages and become so open to the world. 

For education, career development and family commitment, I then moved on and lived for years in other countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia and UK).   The times I lived on those counties, have been the accumulative wealth and treasure that I cultivated throughout my living. Meeting different people and living in various and different cultural places and communities have enriched my live all round in many aspects, which I’m grateful for.

Having graduated from a Law school and practiced for some years.  I’ve always, from early years, have strong interest in women development and I chose it as part of my MBA research studies. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work in Liverpool for main Academic institutions and large-scale regeneration programmes involved in women development projects.
In late 1990s, I found about Train 2000 (now The Women’s Organisation). I became very fond and interested in what they do and started following them and got involved in voluntary activities with the Organisation on different level. Several years after, I joined Train 2000 as a Trainee Business Adviser, have learned and developed skills and become a senior business adviser at The Women’s Organisation. 

Looking at the bigger picture, I can see my life and professional career was painted well beforehand, may be form my early years, to marry my interest and what I love doing with previous work opportunities that I have had in my life and the job I’m working on at The Women’s Organisation today.”

Lacra Aciobanitei – Finance Officer

“I was born in Romania in a small town in the eastern part of the country, called Husi. Moved to Bucharest at 19 to attend university and lived and worked there for 6 years before moving to the UK.
In 2009, my partner and I wanted to explore life a little bit and decided to try and live abroad for 12 months and our adventure has been on for 9 years now.

I applied to be a volunteer with an international charity and choose London initially, but as they had no vacancies we were encouraged to try Liverpool and turned out to be the best decision ever. We were and still are fascinated by the home of the Beatles. A friend of mine was already working for The Women’s Organisation and encouraged me to apply and the rest is history!”

Cynthia Bosafola – Trainee Business Adviser

I was born in Democratic republic of Congo and moved over to east London when I was 4 years old! So, I would say I am a Congolese Londoner!

I moved to Liverpool 10 years ago to study at John moors university, previously to this I had never been to Liverpool, but I wanted to study somewhere different, be away from London but not too far away! But when I came up for my university audition, I had such a great experience and there was something magical about the city!

My background is mainly in television, but after my contract ended in my last job, I was looking for something different – something that would challenge me. I did an internship at a co-working space and at the same time was looking into starting my own business. Future Boss Club did an event at Launch 22, where I was working and so when I looked into them I found out they were linked to The Women’s Organisation and really loved their beliefs and what they stood for.

A few months later a vacancy came up as a trainee business advisor and I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t sure if I would get the job, but here I am! I’m so glad I have the opportunity to work in this organisation! 

We’re not done just yet .. stay posted for part TWO of this blog!