July at The Women’s Organisation is a month dedicated to our worldwide reach. Whether it’s our international projects and partners, the diversity within our own team or our merchandise popping up on all corners of the globe, we’ll be celebrating the marvels of internationalism! 

Our office is a proud workplace for people from all backgrounds and cultures and we’d like to pay homage to that. You’ll already be familiar with many of these faces, who have been working with us for as many as 19 years. Take a read of their international experience and find out just how they ended up with us here at The Women’s Organisation ..

 Thiri Mo Soe – Finance Manager

“I grew up in Yangon, Myanmar until 1993. After I met my husband, we moved to Liverpool in 1994. We chose Liverpool because of Soe family already settle in Liverpool last six years ago, they moved from Evesham.

When my first son was two years old, I saw advertisement about a one-year Business Studies course at Trade Union Centre which was across the road from Blackburn house, Train 2000’s original office. After one-year of my course, my co-ordinator arranged a work placement at Train 2000 for one month, after that I volunteered and then started a part-time Finance Officer job that was December 1999. And now, 19 years later, here I am still at The Women’s Organisation.”

Suzanne Allen – Administrator

“I’m born and bred Northerner from Sheffield. My mum is from Sheffield and my Dad is from Manchester but lived in Sheffield since college age.

I moved to Liverpool when I was 18 for university and stayed! I was working when I graduated and felt settled here. I find it similar to Sheffield in the size of the city centre and the friendliness of the people. The diversity of culture and heritage here is fantastic, and with so many independent businesses there’s always something going on.

I was looking for a new work opportunity in an organisation with a charity or strong engagement focus (my background is in arts/charity administration, applied for a job opening, was lucky to be accepted and I’m still here 2 years later!”

Sandra Sipaviciute – Facilities Manager

“I was born in Lithuania in a small town in the north of the country (so I am a northerner at heart). We are one of the two Baltic countries and have a very small population of three million people and you can drive across the country in 5 hours or so. I grew up in rural surroundings, but always dreamt living in a city and this dream came true!

I first came to the UK as an exchange Erasmus Socrate Student (studied in Manchester though yuk!) back in 2005, and had a seasonal job in Liverpool where I met a certain someone, fell in love and that was that. Unfortunately, soon after the love has ended, I remained in the country and slowly started building my little life here.

A friend mentioned about Train2000 in 2008 that they offer FREE courses for women and I was eligible for their Lighthouse project back then, so attended a 2-day personal development course with Pat Shae-Halson which made me feel 2 meters above the ground and I had a burst of confidence and was amazed that such organisation exists and offers services for Free. At exact same time (2008 summer) there was an advert in the Echo for Admin role at the Organisation and I thought I will give it a go. Pat gave me a massive advice on how to complete an application form as I had no clue and would not been selected for interviews. Luckily I won the hearts of Laura Anderson and Sharon Dinsmore who interviewed me back then and here I am now, almost 10 years working for the company.”