The Women’s Organisation are delighted to be supporting local women led businesses to expand, offering free support via the Venture Accelerator Programme. 

The Venture Accelerator brings together a dynamic partnership of The Women’s Organisation, Downtown in Business, Agent Marketing and High Performance Consultancy to deliver a highly innovative and effective business growth and business incubation Programme, it is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
The programme is aimed at enterprises that have the potential to grow by bringing innovative products and processes to market, scaling up, and internationalising, whilst also addressing the key attribute of the knowledge economy which is the virtualisation of labour.

The programme will provide a range of services to businesses including:
•             Support to develop a clear growth strategy for their business aligned to their needs
•             Access to markets – research, business plan/business, pitch preparation
•             Strategic marketing and selling, social media/E-commerce
•             Effective leadership – human resources and talent development
•             Financial Management, raising finance, bid preparation, procurement
•             Talent/People – Networking opportunities locally and globally, referrals to professional partners
•             Developing strategic partnerships
•             Corporate Social Responsibility

The programme is available to SME’s across Merseyside and provides funded consultancy to enable businesses to prepare for growth and runs to June 2015. 
Eligibility Criteria (for The Women’s Organisation)
•             Female* led SMEs with that over three years have the potential to increase employment by at least 5 employees or generate additional turnover of £0.5million
•             The business qualifies as an SME under ERDF guidelines
Although The Women’s Organisation will work with women led businesses only, Downtown in Business, Agent Marketing and High Performance Consultancy will work with both male and female led businesses.  Venture Accelerator is part funded by European Regional Development Fund. 

Enquiries for the programme can be made via 0151 706 8111 or