“I have felt very welcomed and for sure want to come back” said Dr Isolde Anderson following her research visit with Train 2000.

Isolde whose research interests include organisational culture and leadership has been visiting Liverpool Hope University from Hope College in Michigan in the US. She came to Train 2000 to learn more about how the organisation operates, and to see what the “personality” of the company was.

Isolde commented:
“I have always performed cultural analysis on organisation I was a part of, so I was interested to be an ‘outsider’ looking in.”

When asked what her impression of Train 2000 was Isolde said
“Without giving away too much of my reserch at this point, I would say Train 2000 is an organisation that empowers women – not only by the services offered, but through the way those services are delivered in supportive and consistant way.”

During Dr. Anderson’s final day with Train 2000 on Wednesday 24th March 2010 we asked her what she would take away from her experience.
“I think it would have to be the importance of feminism, whether you idetify it as ‘the F word’ or not. Women are powerful and can be empowered with the right support.”

Referring to how the staff team works together Isolde said
“There is a real female way of caring for one another shown here – not in an unprofessional way, it’s through sharing.”

Train 2000 look forward to the final report from Dr Anderson’s research which she referred to as “uncooked porridge” at this point. Her hopes were that her “notes will become insights to share and use once cooked”.