The following is a guest blog from Marie Hall – mariehallempowerment.

Let’s talk about how important it is that your mind is in the right place for you to be able to pursue your goals.

In the beginning when all that you have is an idea, you must protect it. You don’t protect it by keeping it bottled up or hidden away. You want to share your idea and move forward. You want to be vocal about where you are heading. Get excited and energetic about it, create some momentum. Who knows what dots will connect when you put your idea out there?
How do you protect your idea, if not by keeping it to yourself? You protect it by adopting a strong and focused mind set. If you don’t, the first time you share your idea with a person who laughs at you or tells you that it can’t be done, you will clam up and possibly even give up. Your mind set has to be strong enough so that nothing will be able to phase you and no matter what you hear about how impossible it is, you will not be deterred. That is where this article will hopefully assist you in giving you some food for thought regarding the importance of the right mind set.

Understand that your idea is not their idea. They can’t see what you can see in your head, they may not understand just by listening to you describing it to them. Why should they be as passionate as you are about your idea, if they don’t completely get it? It is your idea that has come to you and it is therefore your job to make it happen regardless of whether anybody else believes in you or not. Don’t become disheartened or give up when somebody you thought would be excited, doesn’t understand. They don’t understand yet, but that must not stop you moving forward.
What about somebody’s negative view of your idea? All negativity can be turned into a positive depending on how you choose to receive it. A strong minded person recognises that a negative comment or opinion is not fact. A negative person is often somebody who gave up on their own dreams or a person of limited imagination. Their lack of vision and belief is a demonstration of their own mind set and not what they truly believe to be your capabilities. If you don’t have your mind in the right place ready to deal with negativity, you risk giving up at the first stumbling block. If your mind is in the right place, negativity won’t stop you.
So much can influence your mind-set without you realising. It’s the programmes you watch, the people you spend time with, the books you read. Your environment will affect you. Are there people or things in your life that you know you need to change, distance yourself from or remove? It may be what it takes for you to get focused, so that you can do what is required?
Will reprogramming your mind and the habits of a lifetime be easy? No, it will take change and that’s not always something that happens easily. We all approach change differently. Some will be quick and jump right in. Others will plan ahead and take it step by step. There is no right or wrong way. Just decide what you are going to change, commit and do. The more you adopt your new habits the easier they will become and the sooner you will experience the benefits.

Your attitude will affect the outcome. If you see change and growth as a hard slog and you hate it, then it is going to be a hard slog, and you will hate it. But if in adjusting your mind-set, you approach the task with a more empowering attitude such as;
·         This is going to be hard but I can do it.
·         I’m about to learn something new.
By simply tweaking your language and attitude, you’ll feel a tremendous shift.
Recognise that everything you do, starts at the point that you first decide to do it. So as part of the reprogramming exercise, from the absolute first moment the thought comes to you, be aware (self-awareness is essential) and note the language you are using. Are you setting yourself up for a fall before you are even off the starting blocks just by telling yourself the wrong things?
The questions people usually ask are;
·         How do we suddenly shift our mind-set after years of doing it one way?
·         How do we drown out the noise of other people’s opinions?
·         How do we drown out our own negative voice trying to keep us in our comfort zone?
It takes commitment, practice, self-awareness and listening to yourself. You will become the master of your own mind, giving none of your power away and always using the correct positive and empowering words.
You won’t get into the correct mind-set if you spend your days watching negative, dysfunctional drama or reading about the drama that celebrities are going through. Soap Operas can be pretty negative. As for tabloids? It is not essential news and it will not promote your strong mind-set.
What would serve you better as you develop your strong mind-set would be books. Biographies of successful people and big world changers. Look at some of the best-selling self-help, motivational, empowering books. In the car going to work or on the way home from the school run listen to an audio book. At night when you have time read a book, watch TED talks and motivational you tube videos, reach out to bloggers who talk about mind-set and going for your dreams and goals. This will all assist you in shifting your mind-set to where it needs to be.
Be present and take in every single step of your journey and please reach out to me if you would like to hear more of this sort of stuff, I am all about empowerment.
In it together.
Marie Hall – mariehallempowerment