The Women’s Org. and EEEC mark successful completion of social impact verification for project in Brazil.

28 Mar 2024

The Women’s Organisation (The WO) and Enterprise Evolution Education and Consultancy (EEEC) Ireland team mark the successful completion of an international social impact verification for project in Brazil.

The WO and EEEC EU based team working in collaboration with the Social Audit Network and WOCAN have recently completed another W+ Standard Verification, this time recognising women’s empowerment through participation in ERA’s Pollen Program in the Cerrado biome in Brazil.

ERA’s Pollen Program implements socio-environmental actions to generate positive impact across five pillars: research, courses & training, agroforestry, gender equality and biodiversity

The W+ Standard, created by WOCAN, is the first women-specific standard that measures women’s empowerment in a transparent and quantifiable way, gives a monetary value to results and creates a new channel to direct financial resources to women. W+ Standard certification requires project results to be independently verified, and The WO / EEEC team provide these verification services for projects across the world.

ERA’s Pollen Program is a ground-breaking initiative combining socio-environmental actions that generate positive impact through five pillars of work: research, courses & training, agroforestry, gender equality and biodiversity.

This work integrates gender equality into forest finance and promotes transformative changes needed to successfully fight climate change. It focuses on investing in women, their well-being and increasing their resilience through regenerative agriculture and implementing agroforestry systems.

ERA’s W+ Pollen Program has measurably increased capacity and impact, specifically in income & asset acquisition and enhanced knowledge, education & skills of the women participating in activities.

Sue Oshikanlu “We are incredibly proud of our expanding portfolio of international services that focus on enabling, supporting, and sustaining women’s economic development. WOCAN and the W+ Standard is a global exemplar on investing in women’s programmes at a local level and providing them the opportunities that provide not just economic impact but social and environmental value.

The success of the ERA’s Pollen Programme would not have been possible without the dedication of the women in the community, local stakeholders and the support of WOCAN and their unwavering commitment to empowerment of women.

(L-R)Pat Shea-Halson, Lisa McMullan and Sue Oshikanlu at 54 St James Street, HQ of The Women’s Org.

Director for Development & Consultancy Lisa McMullan said that “it’s been a pleasure to work as a lead verifier on this verification, the results and impact are impressive and it is notable how activities were effectively targeted and implemented to empower and support whilst conferring ownership and power to this community of women.

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