We are pleased to announce that The Women’s Organisation has been awarded the Health at Work Workplace Wellbeing charter mark.  This is awarded to employers who can demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The framework has 3 key elements, Leadership, Culture & Communication.  For a number of weeks we have been working with our assessor from Health at Work to compile a portfolio of evidence to assess the organisation against the following elements:

•             Leadership

•             Attendance Management

•             Health & Safety

•             Mental health & Wellbeing

•             Smoking & Tobacco – related ill- health

•             Physical Activity

•             Healthy Eating

•             Alcohol & Substance Misuse    

Operations Manager Lynn Kelly said:
“We are so pleased to have completed this award successfully and show that our place of work is one to be proud of.  We value our employees greatly and this award demonstrates our commitment to their health and wellbeing.”