Gravity Over Distance Ltd is a dynamic wall-trampolining performance troupe, offering a unique advertising opportunity to corporate clients.
If you’re not familiar with the sport, wall-trampolining involves athletes jumping off a platform onto a trampoline using their backs to bounce and run up the side of company’s mobile stage, along with a performance of flips, tricks, and acrobatics for good measure.
The act is performed by Gravity Over Distance’s trio of sportsmen-turned-entrepreneurs: Josua, Martin and Robert.
Having worked as professional athletes for many years (Martin and Robert as professional free runners and parkour athletes, and Josua as a professional slacklining athlete), all three partners wanted to put their passions into developing a successful business. This experience gave the team a unique insight into what audience’s want to see and the know-how to create a performance with maximum impact for their clients.
In the first year of business Josua explained that ‘things were starting slowly as the whole idea needed to be developed. First we bought the required material to build our stage set-up: a mobile wall-trampolining stage. After that we worked on our business plan to figure out exactly what we wanted to do and what everybody was thinking.’
Having used the business as the basis for his bachelor thesis Joshua carried out a quantitative online questionnaire with a sample of 115 people. Using this research helped the team to establish their pricing and to understand their customer, getting the business off to a confident start.
When asked how he felt the business was going, Josua said ‘we are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we are in the middle of our biggest and hardest challenge right now: getting our company established in the market.’
The team decided to attend Enterprise Hub’s Boost Your New Business course to see how they could take their business to the next level.
Boost Your New Business provided the opportunity for the team to take some time out from the day-to-day running of their business and assess where their business was at by conducting a simple review and building a strategic marketing and action plan.
When asked about the support they received through Enterprise Hub, Josua commented: ‘The course really helped us to rethink some of our service offerings. When we applied the Business Model Canvas to our company we were able to see whether our service offering had changed since launch and also to make sure that we were all on the same page as business partners.’

Josua and the team are feeling incredibly positive and excited for the future of their venture. He added: ‘One quote stood out to us: “Don’t give up, when success is waiting around the corner”. With focus, persistence and commitment nothing can stop us.’

Any last thoughts? ‘We have some great things lined up at the moment, which could take our business to the next level. We will tell you more about it when they are confirmed!’
Watch this space… You can find out more about Gravity Over Distance by visiting contact the team at