Double M Business Services Ltd provides Business saving advice from business energy experts offering brokerage support to help all sizes of businesses save money and maximise energy efficiencies.

Many SMEs have all intention of saving energy and reducing energy costs, but the truth is that they simply don’t have the time, expertise, resources or relationships to pursue strategic energy portfolio management. This is why it’s beneficial for businesses to use the services of an energy broker such as Double M Business Services Ltd. Through tailored advice, it’s the  Company’s  mission to match each of their customers with the best possible contract for their needs. They do the legwork, with the customer  doing the saving.

  • Help your business save time and money
  • No additional fees for using the service
  • Fast and easy quoting service, with a whole-of-market price comparison
  • Help secure better rates with your current supplier
  • Sells in an ethical and compliant way

As Third party Broker, Double M have long-standing relationships with reputable suppliers. As Brokers they  are able to negotiate, procure, and compare energy quotes on your behalf and ensure contract terms best-suited to your needs. With their  industry knowledge and expertise, brokers can secure the most affordable energy contracts. They can also advise on other energy-related services such as smart metering and invoice validation.

Double M  brokering  can assist you in setting up a strategy to monitor and manage your gas and electricity. They  will implement best practices for on-going benefits and energy savings, helping you rollout energy-efficient measures sensibly and strategically.

Along with reducing energy tariffs, businesses can also look to reducing actual energy consumption within the business environment

We discussed Double M Business Services business growth pains mainly . They did not have a Business growth Action Plan. We, therefore, set about to put together a plan for improving the business process in the supply chain and increasing clients on the books as well as developing key relationships with key partners. We worked with Sue Chatton in strategic planning all aspects of the growth areas of the service thoroughly, which was put down into a 3-year action plan and SWOT analysis of the business.

  • To scale up the offer, there is need to for Double M to
  • Increase the staffing resource.
  • Utilise an improved CRM system to be able to cross-sell and upsell services.
  • Work in partnership with a variety of stakeholders
  • Secure retainers and preferred provider status to build unrestricted funds
  • In implementing major strategies to grow the business, they will see sales revenues of over quarter a million by year 3. 
  • Any business looking to take up on savings advice can quote DP1 for a discounted rate.
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