Sue Morgan has been developing her passion for yoga for the last 16 years, and in particular hot yoga, which she is now launching as part of her beauty empire (Jessica Rose Beauty) in her salon in Huyton, Knowsley this week. ‘Yoga For The People’ launches on Friday.

She is convinced of both the physical and mental health benefits of hot yoga and lists them on her website. Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under humid conditions, and the heat is used to increase an individual’s flexibility in performing the poses. One of the most popular styles of hot yoga is Bikram which was first brought to the USA in the early 1970’s, and is performed at 105 degrees.

Sue believes that yoga and in particular hot yoga:

·         Revitalises the body and mind
·         Helps with flexibility and balance
·         Builds longer, leaner muscles and increases your core strength
·         Calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety
·         Helps to detoxify your system
·         Improves the function of internal organs
·         Balances your muscular system
·         Increases your metabolism and energy levels
·         Helps with weight loss
·         Can help reduce depression and insomnia
·         Increase your will-power, self-control, concentration and determination

It is clear that many others agree with Sue, as her first 2 classes launching hot yoga at her salon, this Friday, are fully booked. Although a full schedule is complete, people can book onto the sessions through the salons, with contact details shown below.

Sue has built fantastic connections within the yoga world, and has a great group of experienced teachers running the sessions, including her cousin Rachel Currie who trained in Bikram when in Los Angeles, and Mohan, who she says; ‘needs no introduction and has taught many of the city’s yoga teachers his Shiva style yoga’

The Women’s Organisation are happy to have been a part of Sue’s journey, with business advisors, Ali and Francine helping her secure funding for the changes that were necessary for the changes to the building, through Barclays, and receiving advice and support from our business team.

If you want to find out more about Yoga For The People, book onto one of their sessions, or have a look at treatments that the Jessica Rose Beauty Salon’s offer, then use the details below!

Huyton Salon: 16 Childwall Parade, Off Pilch Lane, Huyton, Liverpool, L14 6TT

Phone: 0151 480 9252

Childwall Salon: 142 Queens Drive, Childwall Fiveways, Liverpool, L15 6XX

Phone: 0151 737 1930