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In light of Stress Awareness Week and Entrepreneurship Month this November, we are shedding a light on the importance of taking time out to talk. We sat down with the CEO and founder of Sean’s Place Debbie Rogers. Sean’s Place was set up in 2019 after Debbie lost her brother who was just 34 years old, after a long battle with mental health.

In this special episode, we explore the important role that social enterprises, such as Sean’s place, play within the community and what it takes to set up such a business.


Tell us a bit about Sean’s Place…

‘Sean’s Place provides mental health and wellbeing support to men, we are based in Sefton but we support men from right across Liverpool. We are very early intervention support; we want to be able to get in there as soon as possible. So that men don’t feel like they have to reach the point of crisis before they get support.’

Services Sean’s Place Provide

Cookery lessons, guitar lessons, a great environment for building relationships, counseling, and also 1-2-1 support.


‘It’s a fairly varied programme that we offer and that’s just because mental health, its like physical health, it’s not a one size fits all.’


‘I think people underestimate how powerful stress can be and it doesn’t just affect your mental health, but also physically.’


‘If you start noticing the first signs of stress, deal with it immediately.’


What Made you set up a social enterprise? 


‘ I think the reason why we wanted to do that was because we wanted the support to be a free as possible, so we don’t charge for any of our services. But obviously we would have to generate an income with insurance.’


‘ We wanted multiple sources of income at Sean’s Place to make sure that our services were sustainable.’



Debbie goes on to share how she finds ways to generate sustainable incomes during trying times, she shares examples and explains how that can benefit businesses or organizations moving forward.


Included in the podcast are also some of our colleagues sharing their thoughts on stress, how they combat stress and how they identify the level of stress occurring.


Throughout the podcast, Debbie explains her own obstacles when it comes to stress and how she combats it. As she shares advice and guidance with something we all will be affected by at some point in our lives, it gives us the chance to reflect and put these tips into practice. Stress can affect our bodies in a variety of ways, but it is only when we learn our tells and talk about it that it slowly fades away.

Head over to our Soundcloud or Spotify page on Wednesday 3rd November for the full podcast, to reflect and ‘Take A Breath.’



If are struggling with stress or your mental health or know someone that is, get in touch with Sean’s Place or Samaritans:


Sean’s Place – If you would like support from Sean’s Place please complete a referral form below:

Mens Mental Health Support Sefton | Liverpool – Sean’s Place (seansplace.org.uk)




116 123 or Text SHOUT to 85258 24 hours a day.


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