After a whirlwind career taking her from Buckingham Palace to working as an undercover surveillance officer, Claire Jackson decided it was time to take control and re-adjust her work-life balance following the birth of her daughter. 

Claire found that her work wasn’t flexible enough for her to strike a good work-life balance. A dilemma which many new mums and women returners face. She says: “My previous role was pressured in what I was expected to do and so I found it difficult. Certain issues made me feel unsupported. I believe people expect you to return to work after having a baby to be the same. Your priorities shift.”

For Claire, starting her own business was the ideal solution. Offering interactive storytelling, creative play and adventures for under 5’s, Story Explorers was born.

Wanting to find out how to make her small business more successful in its first year, Claire joined Enterprise Hub for its ‘Boost Your New Business’ course. We caught up with her to find out more about her new business and how things have changed since we last saw her…