Statement: Conflict in Afghanistan  


We are saddened and devastated to watch the emerging crisis unfolding in Afghanistan this week.  After 20 painful years of rebuilding their lives and communities, people of Afghanistan now attempt to flee today’s conflict.


We stand in solidarity with all the women and girls being denied their rights, their freedom, and their access to education. The violence, inequality, and harassment they face and are yet to face is horrifying. We must stand together to amplify their voices and fight for their freedom.


We urge the UK Government and the international community not to abandon these women and girls as they face prosecution and the threat of throwing all they have worked for away.


We ask Parliament to support and implement safe and legal routes to the UK for all those who need it.


We oppose any cuts to UK aid. It is implausible for the Government to shrink the support we provide right at the time when it is needed most.


It is imperative that the UK acts quickly to support those suffering at the fallout of the conflict.