Thinking about starting your own business? It may be daunting, but there’s a wealth of information and advice out there from people who have taken the step before. We asked 6 business owners across multiple industries for their advice on starting a business. Here’s what they want you to know:

Jane Hobin Shares Her Advice On Starting Your Own Business

Jane Hobin, Jane’s Jams:

“Do a basic ‘to-do’ list early on. Have a systematic and methodical approach.  Have you got what you need?  What are the legalities?  I found doing things online was straightforward. Get the basics right!”

Jane’s Jams are an organic and sustainable food products business. You can follow them on Instagram at @janes_jams_2022.

Ayo Barley, Bakare Barley:

“I would advise them to get some support from an organisation like The Women’s Organisation to tap into local experts to help with business planning and to develop a support network of other small business owners.

I would also encourage them to save a pot of money they can use as a seed fund to get the basics in place (like a website & brand identity) as this will make it all feel much more real and provides motivation and a sense of excitement.”

Bakare Barley are specialists in EDI and business development. Find out more about them here

Mandy Whalley, The Empowerment Passport:

Make contact with support projects such as Enterprise Hub, along with any business networking opportunities in your local area. You need support, you need guidance and mentorship from people who have got the experience to show you the ropes and help you get started.”

The Empowerment Passport is a tool that supports employers and education providers avoid discrimination & enables the individual to achieve their full potential. Find out more here. 


Chris Farrell & Jan Scrutton, Careers in blue:

“Know your own strengths and weaknesses and don’t be afraid to seek help and tap into other people’s knowledge. You can’t be good at everything so get help when you can – but make sure you keep an eye on every aspect of your business to avoid any nasty surprises! Also, understand your potential customers and think creatively about how you are going to reach them”.

Careers in Blue help those aspiring to pursue a career in the police force reach their full potential. Find out more here.


Leighanne Burns, Autumn Glades:

“You have to be business-minded to succeed. I was a little naïve at first and trusted everyone on their word. I would advise people to make sure they have a paper trail with everything they do, and get everything in writing.”

Autumn Glades is a Community Interest Early Years Provision Centre. Find out more here.

If you live in the Liverpool City Region you are eligible for 12+ hours of business advice and support on growing or starting your own business. Get in touch today via or call 01517068111 to be connected with a business advisor.