Being a very active person, attending classes, going to exercise in the gym and eating healthy has always been a way of life for Emma Grogan. It was only natural that her passion for keeping fit would creep into her work life.
Photo: VGGVart
‘Someone told me that I should become a personal trainer, I laughed it off at first. However, the idea stuck in my mind and I eventually decided to go for it. I did a 2 month intensive course and qualified last year. I haven’t looked back since. I love choosing my own hours.’
Before starting up Emma Grogan Fitness and Nutrition, Emma worked in finance for 12 years. She would work for 6 months then travel for 6 months, only returning to work to earn the money to go travelling again. She told us ‘I was sick of 9-5 lifestyle, it was just a means to an end.’
When Emma decided that self-employment was something she wanted to pursue, she contacted The Women’s Organisation to get business start-up advice and training through their business start-up programme.
‘The Women’s Organisation have been really helpful, I have always worked for someone else so didn’t quite know how to go about starting up my own business. The best bit of help was the business planning, it helped me to focus. The £200 grant boost at the end was great, as it helped towards the equipment I needed.’
‘I also found the Business Club networking events helpful. It gave me the opportunity to meet women who are at different stages that could offer their advice and point me in the right direction.’
The first few months of self-employment were quite difficult for Emma due to the amount of competition, but the Liverpool resident persevered and now her business is going from strength to strength.
‘I do a lot of home training. Working with people who for whatever reason cannot make it to a gym – either mothers with young children or people who work from home and don’t have time to travel out but can fit a session in at home. It’s working really well for me!’
As well as supporting people at home, Emma also trains Somali women from a dedicated centre.
‘I find running classes really rewarding. I have been working with the Somali women for 5 months now, most of who are women who wouldn’t exercise anywhere else.’
Although the classes are now going well and the women are getting a lot out of them, the cultural differences made it very difficult at the beginning. Emma had to work hard to gain their trust and overcome the language barrier, but her persistence and ‘can do’ attitude has paid off.
After working with such groups, she is now determined to secure more funding to work with the Somali women and other groups that may not naturally feel comfortable with the traditional environment of many exercise classes. ‘I want to help underprivileged people as much as I can.’
Furthermore, Emma is still very keen to continue her 1-2-1 sessions with clients and expand her business in the future, as well as focusing on those harder to reach groups that she is so passionate about supporting.
‘I want to build a business of variety incorporating personal training, classes and nutrition.’
If you would like to know more about the services Emma provides, you can contact her directly on 07414 781 316 / or find Emma Grogan Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook.

And if you are ready to take your first steps into self-employment and would like some further advice, contact The Women’s Organisation on 0151 706 8111 / visit

By Beckie Kinsella