In 2017 we launched a three-year programme, Change It: Progress to Success, designed to help the women of Liverpool see their true potential, and turn that potential into success. As the year draws to a close, we’re reflecting on a wonderful 12 months and looking ahead to the next round kicking off in January.
Losing confidence at any stage in life is normal. Women tend to look after or prioritise those around them, so self-development doesn’t come naturally. However, here at The Women’s Organisation, we believe that building confidence is the first step to making change.
Through Change It: Progress to Success, we’re seeing first-hand women taking the time to build a more positive outlook in life  . And the feedback has been great! Just look at what some of our participants have to say ..
“I’ve finally got my confidence back”

“It has helped in all aspects of life, including my family life, my career goals and my self-worth”

“I have more self-belief, confidence, motivation and determination in my career and future plans”

“I now know that we women DO matter”

“I can be someone”

You can also read the message previous participant Maureen has for the women of Liverpool here.
‘Change It: Progress to Success’ covers many topics including becoming more assertive and breaking negative thinking habits in order to develop a more positive outlook in all aspects of life. ‘Change It: Progress to Success’ enables you to identify the clear and practical steps to take in order to build a better world for yourself at work, at home and in relationships.
If you think that this programme could be for you, we have a new batch of programmes starting in various venues around the city, and you can book your place now!
Everton Children’s Centre, 19th February, 9:15am – 12pm (5 sessions)

Granby Children’s Centre, 23rd February, 1.00pm – 3.45pm (8 sessions)

Speke, The Reach at Parklands, 10th April, 9:15am – 12pm (5 sessions)

54 St James Street, 11th April, 10am – 3pm (4 sessions)

Picton Children’s Centre, 20th April, 9:30am – 11:30am (8 sessions)

54 St James Street, 16th May, 10am – 3pm (4 sessions)

If you’d like to find out more about the programme or if you’d like to book your place, please contact our Engagement team on or 0151 706 8111.

The same contact details apply for organisations looking to make a referral!