PLS Food Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that was formed by Paul Martin in order to complement the work of Progressive Lifestyle Solutions NW CIC through undertaking work with a specific focus on tackling food poverty with fresh products delivered to people that need it most. 

Receiving business support from Everton Development Trust, the organisation currently operates from offices on Walton Road in North Liverpool with one member of staff and six volunteers. A refrigerated vehicle, donated by the Morgan Foundation, is used to pick up and deliver food. At present, PLS Food Foundation works with four main donor organisations, including Costco and Iceland, and a further partnership with Pizza Hut is currently in the final stages of negotiation. Donors provide the organisation with surplus food for redistribution to those experiencing food poverty.

In ensuring that food gets to those most in need as efficiently as possible, PLS Food Foundation works with a network of eight voluntary organisations that are based within local communities and one primary school. Through this network, the organisation serves approximately 2000 people who experience food poverty each month. PLS Food Foundation is actively seeking ways to both upscale its impact in alleviating food poverty and establish trading revenue streams.
Accordingly, having established links with “Affordable Foods” in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, PLS Food Foundation is investigating the viability of replicating the affordable foodstore concept in north Liverpool. The PLS Food Foundation affordable foodstore will trade surplus produce from wholesale and retail outlets at a discount to members.

In order to remove the stigma from membership that may arise if referral is based upon proof of poverty, PLS is proposing that membership be by referral from a credit union. The intention is that this will establish membership of the store as a positive experience linked to credit union membership, rather than a negative venue of last resort. Premises are currently being sought in the Walton area.

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