Video is now the number one form of content on the web and organisations are using it to connect and engage with their customers, relying on specialised businesses like Manchester based Creative Moose to help them out. Offering full-service video production and securing National and International clients, Creative Moose are entering their 10th Birthday with much to celebrate. 

Starting out in stockport in 2009, Creative Moose support organisations to discover the power of video, with services ranging from aerial filming to 360 virtual tours.  They aim to be able to offer a video for multiple platforms including websites, social media channels and presentations.

Prior to setting up the business, founders Scott Heslop and Anthony Beswick held positions in television for BBC and ITV, but with the rise in online video content, they noticed a huge opportunity to produce video for web and help organisations meet this demand. They told us: “We wanted to take the production values of TV and apply them to the web, ensuring that our clients can produce videos that they can be proud of”

Scott and Anthony both live and breathe storytelling with their passion for film and photography playing a huge role in the success of the business today. They now have offices in Stockport and Manchester City Centre, allowing them to offer their services to the wider Greater Manchester area which has given them the chance to work with businesses like The Northwest Air Ambulance Charity and The Christie NHS Trust. They are particularly proud of the relationship they’ve developed with the Northwest Air Ambulance Charity, telling us:

“We enjoy working with lots of charities of this nature and it’s great for us to help them use video to promote the life changing work they do”

Creative Moose is one of few companies offering medical video production in the UK and being HEMS passenger certified means they can film onboard helicopters to capture dramatic footage at the scenes of accidents. Looking to build a video strategy specialised for the medical and healthcare sector, they approached Excelerate Labs for support.

Working with senior advisor Mike Marsden, they have developed a long-term strategy to increase visibility in new markets “We really enjoyed using The Business Model Canvas, which helped us segment the business into key areas and set some achievable targets to grow in 2019”

Manchester is bursting with video production companies, but by offering the best storytelling through using the latest technology, producing 4k and HD video and only using industry standard equipment, Creative Moose stand miles ahead of their competition. Creating a lasting impact with their productions is also top of their agenda, Anthony explained:

“We place a huge focus on the story we are trying to tell and the emotional response that we want to create within audiences, we love the challenge that video production presents. It’s a great feeling to craft a piece of video content that can that directly influences what people ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’. It’s this unique focus that makes us stand out within the Manchester video production scene.”

This year Creative Moose are extending their services and launching ‘The Moose Video Club’, a service making it easier and affordable for organisation to produce regular videos throughout the year. We asked Creative Moose for advice to anyone looking to grow their business successfully

“My advice for others who want to grow their business would be to firstly establish a clear vision and a clear outcome of what they want to achieve and why? It’s then about implementing the actions that you need to take to get your desired result.

Many times, businesses may need to change some of their actions in order to get move closer to their desired outcomes. That’s certainly something that we’ve been working on, the 20% of actions that provide 80% of results.”

To learn more about Creative Moose and its video and photography services, you can visit their website For specific information regarding Creative Moose’s video production services, click here

Anthony is happy to speak with anyone that is interested in learning more about the power of video and storytelling. You can drop him an email on or connect with Anthony on Linkedin

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