It’s always great to see people putting themselves forward to support others in changing their lives, and that’s exactly what’s happening on our Money Mentors course! Educating yourself to use the skills for greater good is always a rewarding feeling and that’s what our recent Money Mentors graduates at Halton Citizens Advice & 54 St James Street have been doing.

The Level 2 accredited training will encourage participants to go out into their communities and share what they’ve learned, and it’s also something great to add onto your CV!  We asked our recent graduates what they thought of the 2 days they spent learning to become Money Mentors

“I really enjoyed the course because every aspect that was covered was explained well with examples for clarity.  The course facilitator, Jose, was very knowledgeable and presented information in an easy to understand manner. I now have a better understanding of some of the methods of recovering debt and the process of debt recovery.”

Paula and Jennifer recently completed their Level 2 Money Mentors training in ‘Being a Savvy Consumer’ at 54 St James Street and had some great feedback about the course

“The course has been very valuable, I am more knowledgeable about consumer rights. There is so much I wasn’t aware of” 

“I feel more confident as a consumer now. The course was easy to understand and broke down the jargon. The handouts have been useful for me to refer back to after the course. Getting this certificate will help me with my volunteer application to support job seekers in my local job centre” 

What an amazing achievement, well done everyone and we can’t wait to see how you use your new found skills to support and guide your community!

Do you think you could be a Money Mentor?

Money Mentors will be two days training at a local venue and will provide Level 2 accreditation in the following subjects:
  • Being a community-based mentor
  • Being a savvy consumer
  • Supporting Universal Credit Claimants
The subjects will cover topics such as:
  • Understand the causes of personal debt
  • Understand different attitudes to spending money
  • Understand how Universal Credit is made up and which benefits it replaces

We will even pay the travel expenses to get there and provide lunch!

If you think you could become a Money Mentor, then get in touch! to book or for more information you can contact us on 0151 706 8111 or