Whilst Black History Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate and educate – we believe that black history is not just a month. People celebrate their heritage and culture in many ways throughout the year, whether that’s indulging in traditional food, visiting family, or simply listening to music.

We sat down with some of our colleagues to find out how they celebrate their heritage and culture.

Rhian Quammie – Trainee Business Advisor


We asked Rhian what she loves about her Culture/Heritage.

‘So, what I love most about my heritage is hearing the stories of my grandparents when they used to live in Trinidad. The music they used to listen to, to food they used to eat, and when they used to attend carnival as well.’


How does Rhian celebrate her culture through the year?

‘To be honest I probably don’t celebrate my culture as much as I should, however whenever I go to my dad’s house, he’s always got Soca music blearing at the top of the speaker. So, I always love to have a little dance with him round the kitchen and also make my nans curry Roti recipe.’


Rhian why do you think BHM is important?

‘I think Black History Month is really important because we all often hear stories of like the slave trade and the civil rights movement in American, but we don’t really hear positive stories of Black British history out there in curriculum. So, it’s really important for young children in particular to grow up learning these stories so they can make a positive impact moving forward.’