Whilst Black History Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate and educate – we believe that black history is not just a month. People celebrate their heritage and culture in many ways throughout the year, whether that’s indulging in traditional food, visiting family, or simply listening to music.

We sat down with some of our colleagues to find out how they celebrate their heritage and culture.

Jonathan Kirya – Partner Support & Finance Officer 


We asked Jonathan what he loves about his Culture/Heritage?

I grew up in Uganda, I just came here four years ago and what we usually do there, is the togetherness. In Uganda,  I love the feeling of togetherness. We also fundraise for occasions, if someone has a problem, we come together. If someone has a better status, then other people help. So yeah, I love the togetherness and how we were brought up in Uganda.


How does Jonathan celebrate his culture throughout the year?

First of all, we go back to Uganda at least once a year, I cook Ugandan food, the fact that I can cook food close to Ugandan food, that’s a good enough reason to celebrate. I celebrate Uganda Independence, we just had our Independence October 9th  I speak Lusoga to my kids for a while, and I still speak to my friends back home.


Jonathan, why do you think BHM is important?

Some names that come to mind, Dame Sharon White was recently appointed as president of John Lewis. We have Rashford, who started up a charity at the age of 18, I think that’s really inspirational. We have Lewis Hamilton, who is going through a lot, he’s the only black Formula One driver and he’s trying to get more black people into Formula One.

So when you look at all that, it just gives me hope in myself as a black person in the UK to inspire others, Rashford is a footballer and can do a lot because of this and sometimes we forget that he is only an 18-year-old black boy who started a charity and this is really inspirational and this is why I think Black History Month is so important.