Whilst Black History Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate and educate – we believe that black history is not just a month. People celebrate their heritage and culture in many ways throughout the year, whether that’s indulging in traditional food, visiting family, or simply listening to music.

We sat down with some of our colleagues to find out how they celebrate their heritage and culture.

Ivy Muria – Customer Service Ambassador


We asked Ivy what she loves about her Culture/Heritage?

What I love most about my Kenyan Heritage is that we really value family tradition and culture, and we are community based.


How does Ivy celebrate her culture through the year?

I celebrate my heritage by enjoying our food, I thoroughly enjoy the food that we eat in Kenya. My favourite thing to do is whenever I visit my mum back in Wales, I always ask her to make me a traditional meal from Kenya because it brings nostalgia and happiness to me.


Ivy why do you think BHM is important?

Black History is important because it’s an opportunity to understand our history beyond racism and slavery, it goes beyond that and it’s a chance to celebrate our achievements.