The MSIF Finance Hub has now supported over 1,500 businesses from the Liverpool City Region in their efforts to secure funding. 

George Wright – MSIF 

Launched in June 2017, the MSIF Finance Hub works with growing Small and Medium sized Enterprises (“SMEs”), start-up ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare them for funding success and act as a single point of access to finance for the City Region.

Led by Finance Hub Facilitator, George Wright, the Finance Hub provides a free service to individual businesses by looking at their propositions and helping with key financial information including cash flows and yearly forecasts, ensuring that the business is investment ready.

As well as financial support, the Finance Hub has a collaborative network of over 180 referral partners. By working closely with all boroughs of the Liverpool City Region (“LCR”) [including the LCR Growth Platform], the MSIF Finance Hub can carry out detailed conversations and investigations to help determine the best route for funding and facilitate a warm introduction – delivering a ‘one stop shop’ approach to funding.

Some examples of businesses supported across the region include SolidTek, Pasta Cosa and Abditory.

Going forward, MSIF will look to champion the continued success of the Finance Hub by supporting more SMEs and growing its base of referral partners.

George Wright, MSIF Finance Hub Facilitator said, “I am delighted to see that the Finance Hub has had a positive impact on local businesses in the Liverpool City Region. It is important to work collaboratively with fellow organisations across the region to best prepare aspiring businesses for success.

There is real and tangible talent out there that just needs that extra support and guidance to help them achieve their business goals. I look forward to what the next year brings, the businesses we can support and the relationships we can create to grow our network of opportunities.”

Mark Borzomato, CEO of AFM [MSIF’s fund manager subsidiary company] also commented, “The MSIF Finance Hub is an important part of our offering, providing significant local impact. We have a responsibility to invest our time and efforts in people to help achieve their ambitions.

Through the support that the Finance Hub provides, we can better support the economy of the LCR, not only by guiding opportunity but by sharing the expertise and knowledge we have gained over 25 years of supporting SMEs across the wider North West.”

Enterprise Hub can link businesses with the finance hub for investment support. If you would like to find out more about the MSIF Finance Hub, visit or contact