Rachel William’s business journey started with a moment of creativity when her 6 year old daughter wanted a garden in her bedroom. Eager to give her little girl the room she dreamed of, the mother of 4 began doing some research. Unfortunately the only desirable designs where in America and the prices were very high. This was when the Wirral resident decided to take things into her own hands and start-up Rachie B.
Photo: Jessica Lang Photography
Rachie B creates bespoke children’s themes on wallpapers, doors, tables, safety flooring, glass and window vinyls. The designs can be used for bedrooms, play areas, changing facilities, hospitals, schools, nurseries and libraries.
‘I design on nearly every surface and can create a world for children where their imagination can run wild. Just imagine being a child and walking into a nursery or their own bedroom with their name and designs coming to life. Whatever their passion is I can create it. I have children of all ages and being a mother, I know how children’s minds work but also how a parent feels about designing something that is going to be used in their home or business.’

Although very passionate about her new business venture, Rachel felt she lacked confidence at first. She told us: ‘Staying at home looking after children is another world to going into business. I had to learn to speak my mind, recognise difficult situations and deal with them effectively.’
With the support of The Women’s Organisation’s business start-up programme, Rachel’s confidence quickly grew. ‘My adviser saw a lot of me. She was amazing and helped me go through my figures which was a huge stumbling block to me, as I found it difficult to put a price to myself and then to get the best price for the best quality of products.’
‘I went on the free Business Planning and Building a Social Media Strategy workshops that The Women’s Organisation offered which were a really big help, it gave me the confidence boost I needed.’

Now her business is up and running and quickly growing in popularity, Rachel praises the perks of self-employment. ‘I struggled at first but to be honest I started Rachie B for me. To create something that was mine. I eat and breathe Rachie B and I have an adrenaline rush working for something that is mine. It gives me flexibility and allows me to work it alongside my family.’

With her new found confidence, the mother of 4 is more than willing to share her experience with others considering starting up. Her main point would be that marketing is key. ‘I didn’t realise how important the right wording on your website would be to bring you up the SEO rankings on Google. Find your customers, find your niche and market it to the people you think need your services. Gain as much knowledge as you can and know your competitors.’ She continued: ‘Don’t undervalue yourself, don’t price yourself too low.’

Rachel is eager to share her designs with people across the UK and move towards creating personalised designs for schools, hospitals and commercial nurseries.
‘I want children, parents and the general public to walk into a room or business I have designed and feel transported into another place. I dream of children being able to have a slice of their childhood where their own dreams come to life. I want to be able to give the best service to each and every customer no matter how big or how small.’
Let your imagination run wild with Rachie B’s designs by visiting www.rachieb.co.uk or contact Rachel on Rachel@Rachieb.co.uk / 07881 741 254 / 0151 909 2560

And if you would like to follow in Rachel’s footsteps and go ahead with that business idea you’ve been dreaming about or are in need of a confidence boost, contact The Women’s Organisation on 0151 706 8111 / hello@thewo.org.ukwww.thewomensorganisation.org.uk

Portrait Photo by Jessica Lang Photography

By Beckie Kinsella