In the growing world of fake news and clickbait, accessing free media has become increasingly difficult. Getting your press release picked up can catapult your business into the spotlight, but many don’t make the cut!

Our annual Meet The Media panel event is a chance for local businesses to pick up tips and tricks on getting recognised by local and national media. This year’s panel offered a combined 50+ years of experience in how to tell & sell a story.

Our Panellists were Tony McDonough – Business Journalist at LBN, Rosie Kenyon – Managing Director of Kenyons, & Claire Minter – Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radio Merseyside.

Scroll down for their insider tips on how to get your press release picked up.

The panellists were Tony McDonough, Rosie Kenyon and Claire Minter

Write a catchy press release

  • Figure out your angle
    Is your story actually news? Would it follow ‘guess what’? As Rosie put, something may be big for your business, but you need to share what it means for your community and economic impact. Why does it matter? The trick is to tell – don’t sell.
  • Summarise your story into the first few lines
    Tony shared that a press release has about 15 seconds to catch his attention, so don’t waffle! If you can answer who, what, where, when, and why in your opening paragraph, you have achieved a concise press release. 
  • Include stats and quotes
    People love numbers, data and quotable content. Tony admitted that he is more compelled to pick up a story if he can include numbers in the headline.
  • Always include a quality landscape image of 500kb and above.
    Ensure a journalist won’t have to dig for information by attaching at least one  quality picture. Landscape images are preferable for social media promotion. When snapping a picture for a press release make it relevant, and interesting. It should add an extra element to the story.
  • Check your press release with an outsider
    Would someone from a different business or generation understand what is going on in this press release? If sending to the general media, ensure your story is accessible to everyone.  

Tips for sending 

  • Choose the right time to send your press release
    Any time of day is ok to send a press release. Claire advised that if a big event like an election is saturating news feeds, hold off until the media attention dies down. 
  • Chase up your press release
    Can you send a press release more than once? Our panel answered yes! Follow up with a friendly email. Give a journalist a second chance to look over your story. They may have a relevant space available for it now.  
  • Be personal with your contact
    Claire said she is much more likely to open a press release if the person shows some prior knowledge of the outlet or can relate in any way. Include your contacts name and mention a story their publication ran that you particularly enjoyed. 
  • Have additional information ready
    The media moves fast, so have photos, bios and case studies ready to send. Do you have a website? Ensure the About section is up to date! Our panel revealed that this is the first place they go for more information.


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