If you have attended any of our personal development courses in the last four months, whether in the 54 St James building or outside in the community, you are bound to have met our Bea.

Bea joins Jenny as a Personal Development & Skills Facilitator, bringing sunshine and constant encouragement to her team and colleagues. She’s brightened up the office, especially when she brings in her Pug, Frank. Find out more about Bea below:


What’s your full name and where are you from?

Hey, my name is Beatriz Pimentel (you can call me Bea) and I was born in Colombia, South America and Liverpool has been my home since I was 7 years old.

Tell me how you first found out about The Women’s Organisation and become part of our team?

I first became involved with The Women’s Organisation by attending their Women in Leadership course (which I loved!) during the pandemic. Since then, I thought about how much I’d love to work here and pretty much stalked their vacancies until the right job for me came up! The stars aligned and here I am now.

What kind of things have you done prior to coming to The Women’s Organisation?

I’ve been in the third sector for all my career, that’s around 10 years. I started off supporting men and women survivors of human trafficking, it was a tough job but empowering individuals to restart their new lives was really rewarding. I then went to work for the local authority supporting care leavers for a little while and found out it wasn’t for me then I moved over to an amazing charity called Savera UK leading a team of incredible women supporting survivors of ‘Honour’-based abuse. Leading this team of women massively fuelled my passion for building women and boosting their confidence through self-awareness.

What has surprised you about working at The Women’s Organisation?

The first thing was how organised my induction was! WOW – that was a first for me! Haha

2nd: one of the first conversations I had was with our deputy CEO – Helen and we discussed culture and the importance of growing a healthy culture. This blew me away and it felt like a breath of fresh air, I knew I was in the right place!

What’s the best thing about working at The Women’s Organisation so far?

The atmosphere has been so welcoming, I honestly feel like I’ve worked here for years – it’s hard to believe it has only been a few weeks! But the culture of welcoming individuals into the team is powerful. That says a lot about the women who work here and what they cultivate on a daily basis.

What does your day-to-day look like?

when I’m not doing admin, I’m delivering workshops. Either here at our building or out in the community. I love delivering workshops. I get to meet incredible women from all walks of life taking steps to build their confidence and working on becoming their best selves – this is a vibe and I feel very blessed to be able to walk that journey with them.

What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

That I have two kids! People are usually shocked when I tell them. They are my whole heart.

What are your top 3 films?

Encanto – no shame!

Tangled – again no shame!! Haha

Ten things I hate about you – what a film!

Maybe even ‘Raise your voice’ with Hillary Duff! OMG!


What do you do when you aren’t working?

I’ll most likely be mumming, but when I’m not I’ll either be with friends, at the gym/doing my 10k steps, or recording a podcast episode!


If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?

Honestly – I wish women would understand that it’s society that has pinned us against each other. It’s society that’s made us believe that we must fight for the ‘only’ seat at the table – Lies. That we are competitors rather than collaborators. When we as women understand this, powerful things will happen I’m sure of it!

What’s your favourite quote?

I have two – of course! haha

‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’ – this one is powerful because you have the power to change your circumstances and therefore your life. Do you want things to change? Then make the change.

‘Things happen ‘for’ us not ‘to’ us’  – this quote has helped me shift my mindset on levels. When we move from a place of moaning and ‘Why is this happening to me?!’ To a mindset of ‘this is happening for me, what lesson can I learn from this?  You take control of how you navigate that situation and it changes the game.


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