We are delighted to announce that Lisa Pearson, Current Head of Marketing at Arriva North West and Wales, has joined our Board to assist in supporting and shaping our marketing strategy and vision for the future. 

Having worked with a wide variety of companies, from commercial radio group Bauer, to some of the region’s leading law firms, as well as within the leisure tourism industry, Lisa is an expert in creating impact on the local and national stage.

Lisa is incredibly passionate about empowering women to support each other in achieving great things and we can’t wait to welcome her into our team.

We sat down with Lisa to find out more about why she wanted to be part of The Women’s Organisation and her plans moving forward. Take a read ..

1) What made you want to join The Women’s Organisation’s board?

Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to be involved in a number of events at The Women’s Organisation – aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs across our region with knowledge & advice to make their businesses (and themselves!) more successful.

At each event, I have been very aware of the unique sense of community that The Women’s Organisation has created and I like that! As I researched further into the areas of focus The Women’s Organisation is committed to, I felt even more inspired and wanted to ‘get involved’.

A change in my career earlier this year has brought me back to Liverpool and the vibrancy, ongoing regeneration and true uniqueness of our City continues to grow from strength to strength. I admire how passionate The Women’s Organisation is about our regions women being a part of this positive growth and change in Liverpool.

2) How do our values around women’s economic empowerment align with your own?

The Women’s Organisation is a genuine example of how ‘women empowered empower women’. I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of women knowing their worth and how this is so dramatically linked to personal and professional development. There shouldn’t be any hidden agenda for wanting to help people and see them do well.

For those of us launching or running our own businesses, the need to feel supported and know that you can turn to someone for advice and guidance is incredibly important.

This is something The Women’s Organisation deliver time and time again – it is not dependant on backgrounds, needs or aspirations. We’re treating others the way we’d like to be treated – something I try to live my own life by, daily.

3) From your skills and experience, what will you bring to the organisation? 

My career in marketing has been very rewarding and over the last 5 years, I’ve gained knowledge & expertise around the importance of digital marketing, social media and engaging video content. If I can bring some of this marketing ‘magic’ to support the already excellent campaigns and messages coming out of The Women’s Organisation, I’ll be doing a good job.

I also firmly believe that there’s Power in People – who you know & how you can leverage your network to support a cause, campaign, event or message is sometimes more valuable than any marketing spend. I can’t wait to get out there & spreading the good word for The Women’s Organisation!

4) What are you most excited about? 

This year already, I’ve been honoured to attend the Launch of our fantastic book, Twenty One (21 stories of Women who shaped our City) AND to speak about the necessity of being highly visualise with your marketing messaging at our June Business Club Event.

Events are definitely a strong point of The Women’s Organisation, bringing women together for a variety of themes and topics & I am really looking forward to our calendar over the coming months.
For me, it feels like 2018 has so far been a year of change and celebration – the #MeToo movement, the historic Eight Amendment referendum in Ireland and continued remembrance of 100 Years of Suffrage.

Women are really getting ‘stuff done’, something that has always been true for The Women’s Organisation – I am delighted to be a part of its future and what we get ‘done’ in years to come.