Pamela Ball

Management Consultant and member of The Women’s Organisation’s Business Club Pamela Ball has started to blog her business journey, using her own experiences to shine a light on the ever increasing breed of over 50’s opting for entrepreneurship following redundancy. 

Pam’s blog series ” The Reluctant Entrepreneur The Over 50 Professional Redundancy, Redefinition and Enterprise” will explore: 
1.       Who are we?                   The new breed of workers  
2.       How did we get here?  The changing face of employment
3.       What next?                        Entrepreneur or employee  

Pam told us “This is the beginning of a blog series exploring the silent majority of the new generation of  over 50 professionals. No longer sure of a job for life, coping with a new world where made redundant at the point when we normally would think retirement, or simply the loss of a role due to the expiration of a traditional business model. This is the generation facing unplanned redundancy, retirement creeping further and further away…..and the task of discovering what this new generation of workforce may look like. Join me as I share my journey and learning  : about  redundancy,  about  discovering who we now are at this stage of life, and about what the new breed  of  entrepreneur may look like.”

In her first post of the series Pam confesses “I never planned on being in my late fifties, redundant , without a clear plan of what next as I faced the fact I wasn’t 5- 6 years from retirement ,but more likely at least 10 -15 years away.  I was faced with a complex web of re-defining , not just what my next career move would be , but how the period of time originally earmarked for retirement was now definitively changing.”

At The Women’s Organisation we have noticed a growing trend of over 50’s contacting us for advice and guidance around self-employment, in the main due to circumstances very similar to Pam.  It is great when people share their experiences as we can learn from one another, and also realise that we are not alone.

Click here to read the full first article in Pam’s series. We will update you are Pam’s journey continues and look forward to reading her insights.