For Liverpool residents Heather Tyrer and Antonia Hart Williams going into partnership had been something they had talked about for many years, so finally launching their business ‘Tyrer & Hart Property Specialists’ in 2012 was a dream realised!

They told The Women’s Organisation “We always felt our skills were very complimentary, having sufficient experience in the relevant sectors meant that opening our own business was the logical next step.”

At the time when Antonia and Heather contacted The Women’s Organisationfor support they were not working, allowing them to focus fully on their business development. They were sensible in utilising lots of support in getting started to ensure their business would be an instant success.

“We sought advice from as many people as possible right from the start. The Women’s Organisation were very useful in helping us structure the business plan and helping us plan a strategy for rapid business growth. If we could advise other women out there in a similar situation to us we would tell them not to be shy of utilising outside expertise.  No one can be an expert in everything and your attention should be given to the business you know and excel in.”

Heather and Antonia didn’t ever expect setting up a new business to be easy, but even they couldn’t have predicted how well they overcame possible obstacles along the way.

“The barrier we faced in starting our business was lack of set up funds, but we have been lucky enough to grow the company organically without taking on any company debt through cash flow alone! We did receive £200 from The Women’s Organisation which helped towards smaller costs, but the fact that we have generated our own finances through hard work we believe has strengthened the business massively.”

The women credit their understanding partners as a great support:

“Starting a business takes commitment and it can mean working long hours and late nights. Our other halves have to be very supportive, and we are really grateful of that.”

Both partners threw their previous expertise into the business: Heather who’s from a marketing background and has worked within the financial and construction sectors, and Antonia who has always worked with property both as a Landlord, in lettings management and Estate Agency.  Their wealth of experience teamed with hard work has meant Tyrer & Hart Property Specialists have proven themselves as movers and shakers in their industry since starting out.

They said “The business is going from strength to strength primarily growing from word of mouth. Although we do plan to strengthen our marketing and brand awareness over the coming months, we have been lucky to not have to worry so much about this yet. We both feel tremendously proud of what we have achieved so far, and buoyed with enthusiasm for the future of the business.”

Both women are loving being their own boss telling us “The best thing about running the business is the autonomy it allows, and the sense of achievement in creating something larger than oneself. We plan to continue to build the business at an increasing pace, with a greater budget set aside to raise brand awareness.”

Tyrer & Hart Property Specialists are a lettings, and estate agency, who also offer a property finding service for investors. They pride themselves in being a one stop shop for all property needs including mortgages, conveyancing, insurance, maintenance and even removals. For more information on the services they offer you can contact them on 0151 270 2412 or visit

If you are a woman in Liverpool considering setting up a business, then take Antonia and Heather’s advice and utlise the free support available through The Women’s Organisation by contacting 0151-706-8111 or