DANCER and choreographer Pooja Saini has brought a touch of Bollywood to Liverpool with her brand new business BollyFit.

The 31-year-old has been delivering BollyFit classes to schoolchildren and adults throughout the area and is delighted with how well her business has taken off.

“The programme is not just about losing weight” said mum-of-two Pooja, “it’s about keeping fit, improving stamina, endurance, strength and most importantly improving people’s physical and mental wellbeing.”

Pooja, who is experienced in many genres of dance including, ballet, jazz, salsa, ballroom, bhangra and bollywood – set up her business after the birth of her second child when she decided to just ‘go for it’.

She said: “I had thought about becoming self-employed for a while and after I had my second baby I decided it was the right time.

“The BollyFit classes have really taken off. I have been asked to conduct workshops in schools with Year Four pupils and taught them routines to Bollywood dances, which they loved. I have also been running my fitness classes at sports centres and gyms throughout the area and everyone who attends seems to really enjoy them and get a lot out of it.”

Pooja, who is a huge fan of Asian music, is also running BollyFit parties for children and adults which seem be a huge success.

“I really think they could take off” she said, “ The party involves dressing up with various Indian accessories, dancing and a performance at the end of the party.”

Aside from her passion for dance Pooja is also a trained psychologist, and is currently completing her PhD specialising in mental health. Long-term she plans to use dance to help people improve their mental well being.

“In the past I have done work with young people in secure units” she added “and I have seen firsthand how dance can be used as a tool to help them tackle their problems and work as a form of therapy.”

Pooja’s ultimate goal is to combine both her psychology and Fitness Dancer/Choreographer skills which are both about individuals’ well-being to develop dance therapy workshops.

Prior to starting up her business Pooja came along to The Women’s Organisation after she was referred by Business Link. She received free help and support and worked on a one-to-one basis with a business adviser to put her business plan together.

She said: “My adviser Huda was extremely helpful. She got me to think of all the aspects involved in running a business and she gave me some excellent advice.”

“I would certainly recommend The Women’s Organisation to other women who may be thinking about starting up their own businesses.”

Pooja said that as well as enjoying being her own boss, working for herself fits very well around bringing up a young family as her two children are currently aged just ten months and three years old.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about Pooja’s BollyFit classes or BollyFit parties should contact her on 07946 169 335.

And, if like Pooja you are a woman from the Liverpool area and are interested in starting up your own business please contact The Women’s Organisation on 0151 236 6601 or visit