With a Biomedical Science Degree and a background in retail, Laura’s career path was hurtling in a particular direction with her future already mapped out for her. However, sometimes life throws us a curveball and after facing a series of health issues, Laura was given the opportunity to re-evaluate her life and question the direction it was currently taking her.
It was during one of these periods of recovery that Laura decided to take stock and make sure that she was going to live her best life, be the mistress of her own destiny and spend time doing something that she enjoyed. This was the starting point for her new business ‘A Little Pop of Sparkle’.
Being a naturally creative person, Laura had always enjoyed making trinkets and decorations for friends’ birthdays and family occasions. She even created all of her own decorations and favours for her own wedding, wowing guests with her creativity and imaginative designs.
When a chance meeting gave Laura the opportunity to buy a friend’s balloon stock off her, her business burst into life and before long she was offering everything ‘balloon’ – from backdrops to clusters, towers to garlands. She’d finally found her niche product and was ready to fly!
So what words of wisdom would Laura have for anyone wanting to start their own business?
 “You’ve got to do something that you enjoy and have a passion for, and you have to be willing to learn and accept that you won’t know everything”. She added that coming on the Enterprise Hub programme “built up my confidence in my product and in myself. The workshops were an excellent source of information and the one-to-one sessions really homed in on specific things that I needed – like tailor-made spreadsheets and appreciating the need to cost my time!”
So what does the future hold for A Little Pop of Sparkle? Since coming on the Enterprise Hub programme, Laura has gained a contract at the popular Birkenhead venue The Lauries, where she now supplies all the balloon decorations for their events and parties.  Her private bookings for weddings, parties and baby showers continue to thrive and she has aspirations to expand into the corporate scene in the near future.
Laura adds, “A few months ago, if I had a flurry of bookings, I used to bribe my mum with a McDonald’s breakfast to get her to help me out, but if things carry on the way they are, I’ll have to think about taking on extra staff!”
For more information on Laura’s business, you can follow ‘A Little Pop of Sparkle’ on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Laura directly on: alittlepopofsparkle@hotmail.com