Having worked in the public sector and later in consultancy, Jackie O’Carroll knew the time had come in Spring 2014, when she had to focus on her business idea entirely to let it realise its potential.
Jackie O’Carroll
Make Space, a social enterprise, is a developing community of people who are seeking more joy and fulfillment in their lives. People who are committed to a journey of self-discovery, of finding more meaning and more spiritual self.

Jackie says that Make Space is; ‘a reflection of my own spiritual journey – learning to get out of my own way, learning to live from my heart and less from my head.’ With the assistance of a mentor who had set up a similar membership community in London, she was able to focus on her vision and starts to see the possibilities of her ideas.

Holding her back were two aspects, her initial vision for the community and her own self-belief. Realising she wanted to find someone to help her take her first step and start the business, Jackie wrote an ‘intention’ for ‘someone with the right skills to come into her life’. A month later she met Karen at Liverpool’s ‘Soul Full Reading Group’, an events manager with experience in communications and project management. Jackie says; ‘I found it hard to believe she was real.’

Working together with Karen, Jackie approached The Women’s Organisation and worked with Business Adviser Janine to register Make Space as a Community Interest Company (CIC) – a social enterprise – earlier this year. Launching in 2014, Jackie has begun to enjoy the freedom that comes with working for herself, after nearly 25 years of working for others.

Make Space is growing and developing every day, not just encompassing events, but a whole calendar of exciting workshops, meditation groups, reading groups and speakers taking place in Liverpool and Chester.

As well as this, Make Space is becoming what Jackie hoped it would be; ‘A community for people who are beginning to recognise, or already know, that life can be much more meaningful and want to explore that at a deeper, more spiritual level.’

Make Space is now 8 months old and the community is growing fast in terms of numbers and in commitment. One of the most important things that Jackie has come to realise through launching her business, is to keep focussed and trust your instincts. The self-doubt that she was feeling, just a few months previously, she believes was clouding what her intuition was telling her; ‘take time to focus on your vision – for yourself, your purpose and passion.’

Doubting whether people would ‘get’ what she was trying to accomplish, or making assumptions about whether people would want to hear about Make Space, is a thing of the past. Jackie continues ‘Now I speak to everyone I meet about the possibilities in our lives.’
The plans for 2015 are taking shape, with a full list of all of Make Space’s events on Eventbrite; www.makespaceliverpool.eventbrite.com
Their next events will be on November 27th and 28th, hosting Molly Harvey, a renowned public speaker, at her only open event in the UK this year.

Molly works with CEO’s of top companies and teaches them about working in a different way, leading projects such as taking some of the top 1% of CEO’s to Nepal, and other remote areas of the world, involving them with the local communities to take the learning back to the working environment.

Jackie says; ‘Molly has been an inspiration for me. I have heard her speak on a number of occasions and love that she speaks from the heart, how open she is and how ready she is to offer her wisdom and insight.’

On the 27thNovember, Make Space will host Molly Harvey, speaking about ‘Making Changes, Not Excuses’, and on the 28th November, there is a day-long workshop, looking at a five step approach to living from the inside out, from the heart, rather than the head.
If you are interested in attending these events, please head over to Make Space’s Eventbrite page to book your tickets!