Paul Griffiths is the CEO of Real Sphere Eco World 
Ltd, Wirral’s latest innovative cleaning products company.  

Now Paul is a Wirral lad through-and-through, but he left in 1980 for a 10-year stint in the Royal Marines. From there he had a number of jobs before finding a niche position as the London manager for a wealthy family abroad.  And it was here, in effect, where Real Sphere Eco World Ltd was first conceived.
It was while managing and maintaining these super yachts and properties that he was able to help use and test the environmentally-friendly, innovative cleaning products and find the many uses for them.  The products, which are invented on Wirral and manufactured in the North West, were giving such outstanding results that he made the decision to set up Real Sphere Eco World Ltd in 2019, to retail, distribute, and wholesale the products.  He now has a fantastic new shop on Market Street, Birkenhead, where local businesses and residents can visit and buy these innovative, exclusive products and try them for themselves.  They are also for sale in the ‘E-Shop’ on the company website.
Real Sphere Eco World Ltd sells a whole variety of different environmentally-friendly products that cover a multitude of cleaning applications including glass, leather, food surfaces, drains, screens, multi-surfaces and so on.  He also has a range of detergents, air fresheners and anti-bacterial cleansers, not to mention the new products in the pipeline currently being developed on Wirral. Paul is also looking at putting Wirral on the map by exploring other prestige markets including the automobile and aircraft industries whilst not forgetting where it all started – the growing luxury yachts market!
And what wise words would Paul like to share?  “Listen to the young,” he responds quickly.  “People only started to take notice of what was happening to the environment when the youngsters started demonstrating and making their voices heard.  Let this be the catalyst for change.”    And proving you can’t take Wirral out of the man, he adds: “My old teacher at Rock Ferry High School always said, ‘Wirral supports Liverpool as well as Liverpool supporting Wirral.’  We’ve all got a part to play in the economic growth of the region. Together, we can stand out internationally.”
So, we asked Paul how Enterprise Hub helped his business: “Well, the advice and motivation I have received from Heidi and Paul has been immense.  The workshops they run and organise are second-to-none.  Also, meeting like-minded people has been a very positive experience, to the extent that I am now stocking another Enterprise Hub client’s eco-friendly wax wraps in my shop!” 
If you would like to contact Paul at Real Sphere Eco World Ltd, check out their ever-growing product range at   or e-mail Paul Griffiths at