Change it: Progress to Success has been supporting women around Liverpool to develop their confidence, believe in their own abilities and simply make that change to look forward to a successful future. 

As we continue to help women reach their full potential, we love to hear from the women who have graduated from the programme, like our recent Change it graduate Sarah, who today has shared her story on what her journey through Change it was like… 

“I moved over to the lovely shores of Liverpool eight years ago from the hustle and bustle of Dublin, so I guess I that was quite life changing but in other ways Liverpool really is home from home. I am thirty-three, I have three cats and one daughter so I’m the cat lady of Old Swan.

I had plodded on with dead end jobs for years and if I am honest having a career, a proper career, had not entered my head as I never thought someone like me could have that sort of life…that is until Change It came along and just at the right time if I am honest.

I had been involved with Stoney Croft Children’s Centre in Old swan since Lucy, my daughter was born and having this community family saved my life in lots of ways. I knew I wanted something more than being a mum, of course I know the mum role is important, but I just felt empty… if that makes sense, I suppose I believed a good job would just come my way, it never entered my head that one day I would have the confidence to go and make that happen for myself.

No-one can prepare you for the loneliness that comes hand in hand with being a single mum and the staff at Stoney Croft just lifted me and Lucy up and made everything that was good possible. In-fact it was during a nurture training program that Gill mentioned the Change It Program and that’s when my life completely changed.

The best thing for me about Change It is the fact that it does exactly what it says on the tin. Gives you confidence, helps you challenge negative beliefs, become more assertive and more importantly made me focus on who I really wanted to become.

Six months later I am on route to my dream job -becoming a social worker. I have a plan for the first time ever in my life and I am sticking to it. Through the help of Mandy, I was assessed at Adult Learning Servicesto see where I was at with my English and Maths and through them I will be aiming for my Access Course in social care then onto John Moores University to study BA Hons in Social Work. Who would have thought that I could achieve anything as grand as that?  

If I am honest it was after the first session I felt an ‘OMG’ moment that a new life was possible no-one had ever spoke to me in this way in a way that they believed I could change and if the trainer believed it, then what was stopping me from believing in myself. 

I started to look forward to the sessions every Thursday and having the creche at the centre really helped with all the women, free creche is such a rarity these days. I was in a group where we were all in the same boat. We had all become stuck in a rut watching daytime TV and getting involved with petty dramas of life.
Every Thursday I used to get dressed up and ready to learn more personal development training to change the way I think and believe about myself. I never believed that single mums could have it all and guess what you can.

I have goals now. Mandy asked us, ‘What does success look like to you?’ That’s when I had a light bulb moment, success to me was a good job as in a career, a lovely home, good friends, money in the bank and feeling happy inside. With this idea of success in mind we planned to go get it. It wasn’t rocket science it was just a plan a goal and this has given me unbelievable focus.
I react differently to problems now and tackle them head-on and I don’t brush them under the carpet. I am assertive in everyday situations and it works, I get a good result without any anger. I am a lot happier because I am confident in my own skin and I know that I can be a positive role model for my daughter.

Its made changes in so many aspects of my life, I had to give a presentation in my GCSE English class and I smashed it. Changing the way, I think has changed everything. I won’t say its been easy its been challenging to say the least …but nothing worth having comes easy that’s what my mum says to me.

If any mum is thinking about this course then I would say, ‘What have you got to lose …it will open the door to a new life, look at me if I can do it so can you'”

Thank you Sarah for sharing your amazing story!

We have a number of Change it programmes going on around Liverpool and we have recently added some new dates:

Life Rooms, Walton – Wednesday 4th July 2018 (5 sessions)
54 St James Street – Tuesday 7th August 2018 (4 sessions)
54 St James Street – Wednesday 19th September 2018 (4 Sessions)
Dingle Childrens Centre -Thursday 20th September 2018 (8 sessions)
Everton Childrens Centre – Monday 8th October 2018 (5 Sessions)

If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or to book a place, contact us on 0151 706 8111 or email us on and find out how we can support you.