Change It: Progress to Success is all about empowering women to realise their true potential and turn that potential into success. We’ve met some fantastic women in the past year, all looking to make positive change in their life and begin building the future they really want.

We love nothing more than shouting about the successes of the women who have completed the programme. Today we’d like to introduce you to Linda, who recently recently completed Change It and has a wonderful story to tell ..

“My name is Linda, I’m 57 and I recently attended the “Change It” course. Someone who had completed the course highly recommended it to me, believing it had helped her so much.

At the time I was not in a very good headspace. Being a single parent for 18 years had not been an easy ride (as I am sure most single mums will relate to!). Financial struggles had, over the years, taken its toll and my confidence and self-esteem had taken a bit of a beating. However, I still had a bit of fight in me and, with the full support of my three children, I undertook a degree in English Language and Education Studies. My intention was to travel and teach English as a second language.

However, 5 days after completing my degree, a bad attack of sciatica left me on my stomach on the floor (literally) for almost 6 weeks. Long story short, I had severe disc problems in my back but surgery was too risky and I was told nothing could be done except for pain relief as and when needed. My hopes were dashed and I became quite severely depressed. Where did I go from here? 

I felt I had no sense of purpose (Wow, I’d forgotten how low I’d become until writing this!). Jobs I had done over the years had been to fit in around my kids and I really wanted it to be “my time” now they were young adults.

I attended a few therapy classes to help with my low mood; anxiety management, mindfulness, CBT and then became aware of “Change It” whilst attending one of these classes. The person who told me about it was so enthusiastic and really sold it so I thought I’d give it a go… and I was glad I did! Each session was filled with positivity. Our Tutor, Jenny was so good and each minute was packed with enjoyable exercises and delivered in such a thorough and professional way. We all got on so well and had lots of fun and l came away eager for the following week.

I honestly felt as though this course had been designed for me specifically. It was so reassuring to know that the way I had been feeling was not uncommon. I have always been a “glass half full” kind of person but was now full of self-pity and, to be honest, not liking myself very much. But, each session covered all of this and I could literally feel my mood lifted week by week. By the end of the five week course I felt that I could face what life has to offer, good or bad, and have the confidence once again to deal with it. 

Even my eldest daughter, who lives in Australia noticed a positive change in me each time we spoke via skype. She said I seemed so much happier now. And the best thing was that I didn’t feel like I would slip back as the sessions were full of achievement, challenges and action plans which I can refer to whenever I feel I need to.

I am now in a much better place emotionally; I feel I am taking back control of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I know I still have quite a way to go to full recovery but for the first time in years I feel hopeful again and am actually feeling excited about the next chapter of my life.

So, if you’re reading this and thinking “Is this course for me?” I would say to you “YES IT IS!” I would recommend this course for everyone, young or old, happy or sad. It will equip you with the necessary tools to improve (or maintain) your confidence and you will have such a fun time in the process, 

I promise!”

Thanks to Linda for sharing her incredible story!

We have a number of Change It programmes taking place in Liverpool’s Children’s Centres and here at The Women’s Organisation:

Speke, The Reach at Parklands, 10th April (5 sessions)

54 St James Street, 11th April (4 sessions)

Picton Children’s Centre, 20th April (8 sessions)

54 St James Street, 16th May, (4 sessions)

If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or book a place, contact us on 0151 706 8111 or and find out how we can support you.