The British Bearded Baby creates male grooming products with a difference – it’s all about using natural and organic ingredients to create the ultimate products for beards. With a growing client base in the USA, it’s a unique business with strong Merseyside roots to shout about.
We caught up with managing director, Daniel Bridges, to find out more about his business and how things have changed since was last saw him on our ‘Boost Your New Business’ course…

The British Bearded Baby uses organic and natural ingredients 

Born out of a drive to find healthier options to his usual drug store buys, The British Bearded Baby refuses to use any synesthetic ingredients.  
Daniel with his son, Henry
When asked about the businesses’ roots, founder Daniel says: “I had used cheap products (beard oils, soaps etc) and honestly, I never really bothered to look what ingredients were used in such products until we found out we were expecting our first child. My partner became conscious of what was in certain products and one day this made me read the label on a product I was using. I wasn’t sure at first if it was in English and then realised that it was just the fact that I had no clue what the ingredients actually were! After a
bit of research (Google search, obviously), I soon found that most of them were synthetic chemicals.
“I decided to see what healthier options were on the market and although there were a few out there (which took a long while to find), when I looked into the certification they had it showed that, although they stated they were ‘organic’, in some cases they actually only contained 30% organic ingredients. I lost my trust in the saturated marketed already out there and decided to have a go at making my own and just have some fun with it as I went.

“A little over a year later and many, many terrible blends tested (on myself!) along the way, I was pleasantly surprised with myself and the products I had created. So, why not share them with others and have some satisfaction in knowing my products were 100% what they claimed to be?”
And with that, The British Bearded Baby was born.
It’s safe to say that Daniel quickly settled into his new role and is enjoying the benefits of running his own business. “When stuff goes wrong, it is down to me. I’m learning every day how I can improve on the previous day, week, month and we’ve gone from selling products locally, to now regularly shipping to our ever-growing USA customers”.
Despite his fast-growing customer base, Daniel still finds that most of his regular and loyal customers are from the Merseyside area, he puts this down to the fact that “they love the products but they also love the idea of a local start-up”.
With no previous experience in the business world, Daniel admits that starting a business of his own presented its fair share of stress and challenges – with plenty of lessons along the way! Not to mention the daunting task of tackling EU legislation to ensure his product was safe for sale. Months of meticulous online research led Daniel to Liverpool Library’s Business & Intellectual Property Centre, where he discovered the work of The Women’s Organisation and its Enterprise Hub programme.
Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Bridges
Balancing his busy new workload between being a dad to son Henry, his bar and restaurant work, as well as perfecting his business model, Daniel decided to take advantage of Enterprise Hub’s ‘Boost Your New Business’ programme to take time out from his busy schedule and reflect on where his business is going.
Getting his business structure just right was one of the major challenges for Daniel, but what did he take away from the course? “The Business Model Canvas had to be the main point for myself. It not only made me take a step back and plan again – we need to be constantly revisiting what we have previously put in place to see if it’s still relevant – but it also helped me to realise planning is key in all aspects of starting a business.
“I found the most help was bringing me back down to earth and making sure that the basics and fundamentals were covered and in place. Starting a new venture can get very exciting and you can get carried away with ideas and plans, forgetting to build a solid structure for all this to actually stand a chance of working”.
So, how is Daniel managing to fit it all in? It sounds like his support network and family are the key to his success. He says: “Other than juggling the 20/30 hats that a founder has to wear daily when starting a business, I am a father to the most wonderful boy Henry and fiancé to my rock. Both of us not coming from Liverpool, we have no family here and work full time, so we have had to juggle between us parenthood and starting a business, but I personally feel that I am now art of the most amazing team I’ll ever be part of.”
Any parting words of wisdom for those wanting to take the plunge to set up their own business? “Don’t be scared, it is going to be the hardest choice you have ever made, but you are going to love it! Don’t become a perfectionist as you will just waste time trying to create something in YOUR mind that is never going to be perfect and you will miss out on so much. But mainly, buckle up tightly as this will be the craziest ride you have ever gone on!”
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