Financial Support in Liverpool

As of January 2024, just over half of UK households were still reporting that their cost of living had increased compared to last year and appears to be a persistent issue that families are having to face. Supporting and educating our community is imperative to us here at The Women’s Organisation and is something that we are consistently striving to develop. Along with financial education, we can signpost you to financial support in Liverpool.

Meet Emma*, one of our clients who was directed to us by our partner Citizens Advice Liverpool. To respect her anonymity, the clients name has been changed.  

Emma is married and has four dependent children, works part time and claims universal credit. She also has Pre-settled Status in the UK. Like many, her household was struggling due to low income and rising prices, which is why she got in touch.  

Emma completed an Initial Assessment with our partner, including a completed benefit check to find out if she was missing any income. Our partner also applied for support for council tax and assisted Emma with her application for settled status.  


How did the Mind and Money programme help? 

By assessing the results documented in Emma’s Initial Assessment we were able to help identify and alleviate some of the client’s financial hardship with short, medium- and long-term strategies. 

By completing a Benefit Check, we identified that the client could be claiming UC, Council Tax and DHP support as a couple. The client was also supported in seeking access to a service that helps Pre-settled Status clients apply for Settled Status in the UK. The client was also issued a range of vouchers to help support her and her family, as well as receive a range of advice, guidance and tips to help reduce her housing costs. 


Where is the client now?  

Several successful applications have alleviated Emma’s situation for herself and her family. Emma has reported an improved capacity to manage her financial affairs, better mental health and an increase in overall emotional wellbeing. 

The client now feels listened too and included in society as a result of the service. She feels assured by having found an organisation that will help her settle in the UK permanently. 


Get In Touch 

Are you looking for additional well-being help, advice, and financial support in Liverpool city region? Are you struggling with the cost of living crisis, food prices, and energy bills?

If you need help with any of the above, or would like to know more about the assistance received by our client, please contact our friendly team on 0151 706 0113 or

Our advisors and support workers are here to help you reach your goals. 

Visit our Mind & Money information page here to learn more about the programme.