Last week project partners for the ‘ACE’ project met in Sofia, Bulgaria hosted by ‘Know and Can Association’.  Enteprise Director Jackie Williams and Training Coordinator Bernie Cox from The Women’s Organisation joined the transnational meeting to represent the UK.  

The purpose of the visit was to review progress to date on the creation of the 5 training modules which are being developed to support adult educators and enterprise advisers in working with lifestyle entrepreneurs. The modules will cover:
  • The Basics of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • The Use of ICT and Open Educational Resources in Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing of Adult Education on Lifestyle Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Learners
  • Assessment Tools of Learners’ Skills and Competancies in Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Awareness on Validation of the Acquired Competences 

During the meeting the group also reviewed the template for video and written case studies around lifestyle entrepreneurship that will be used to gain better understanding of the practical experiences of lifestyle entrepreneurs. 

Bernie Cox reflecting on the meeting saying:
“Transnational partnership meetings are a great opportunity to build closer bonds with the team you are working collaboratively with.  It is great that we have skype and other online tools to allow us to work together even at a distance, but meeting in person solidifies that working relationship and allows us to workshop ideas as a group.
It was interesting this time to meet in Sofia as it is somewhere I’ve not visited before, so it was good to have a chance to soak in some of the local culture and to find out more about our host organisation. 
I’ve come away from the meeting in Bulgaria with renewed understanding of what we are hoping to achieve through the ACE project, and I look forward to seeing how the training modules continue to develop.”

The next transnational meeting will take place later this year in Cyprus where a pilot of the training modules will be carried out. 

The ACE Project brings together a dynamic European Partnership of Key Practitioners within the fields of ICT, Education and Entrepreneurship to research and develop a programme that will focus on developing adult educators’ competences to promote learners’ lifestyle entrepreneurship.