With many years’ experience in the hospitality industry and a drive and ambition to be his own boss it wasn’t going to be long before Rob Leatherbarrow set up on his own. Wirral based Rob wanted to set up a mobile catering business which offered a high standard of the region’s favourite street food. 

The offering is starting small ‘Wirral Wonder’ burgers and ‘Shack’ dogs are an easy and much loved staple on the menu however Rob believes in bespoke service and working with his clients. When catering for the launch of the Pacific Road Sheds he allowed Enterprise Hub partner; Wirral Chamber to edit the name to Shed Dawgs and added fresh tomatoes to turn the Wirral Wonder burgers red!

Rob’s business has grown from strength to strength which has enabled him to give up his position in a local restaurant and dedicate 100% of his time to the enterprise. The Enterprise Hub sparked Rob’s confidence and supported him with the marketing aspect of developing his business. He has learnt to ask for help and realises he needs to be relentless to achieve his goal of a national brand with at least five vans.

Speaking about the programme, Rob said “It’s a brilliant programme with excellent support from all the team. I have gained confidence in my business abilities, which has helped me to develop and move forward” 

Paula Basnett, CEO of Wirral Chamber of Commerce commented “It’s excellent to be able to support a business like Roberts Snack Shack, it highlights the significance of the Enterprise Hub on Wirral and is a great example of what we offer to entrepreneurs.”

Delighted to be fully in charge of his destiny Rob is looking forward to a busy summer period. Should you wish to experience the delicious gourmet Snack Shack burgers and hot dogs then get in touch with Rob on 07468 577 285 or take a look at his new website www.robertssnackshack.co.uk