As Anita Roddick so aptly said it, “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

From the films we watch, the articles we read, the people we speak to or the places we go – we are all influenced by someone or something every day. Likewise, whether you consider yourself a leader or not, what we do as individuals – either at home, in the workplace or in the community – impacts others.

Throughout June, The Women’s Organisation have been asking women and businesses, ‘how can you influence for good?’

Whether it’s making small changes in our own lives, implementing policies in the workplace or speaking out on social media about wider issues that mean something to us, we all have the power to make change. So how can we use that impact for good?

Since 1996, our organisation has promoted women’s personal and economic development, locally, nationally and internationally. During this time, we have engaged with over 60,000 women across the Liverpool City Region, supporting them to truly believe in what they can achieve.

In 23 years, we’ve built a diverse community of women who utilise our services, collaborate with the organisation, interact with us across social media or visit our flagship facility for women, 54 St James Street.

Having recently reached the milestone of 20,000 followers on Twitter, our platform has evolved into a safe space to share ideas around women’s issues. This month, we asked “how can women empower other women in the workplace?” which created a thread of inspiring ideas that we wanted to share:

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral: “Be a womanhood! In unity is strength, so share your life experiences, your skills, your hobbies & interests and support one another. Give each other a voice. Listen, talk, learn!”

Lisa Pearson: “Be willing to share your experience & life hacks with each other (both personal & professional). Let’s be honest – life is a minefield sometimes, it’s always good to know someone has been there, done that & survived!”

Anna B Sexton: “Make space for those who might not he offered it, learn when my voice isn’t needed, run women only events, share and celebrate other women’s success, acknowledge all women across the spectrum that is.”

Rachael O’Byrne: “If you’re in a meeting and a woman, let’s call her Sarah, makes a point and then a man makes exactly the same point afterwards, respond to the man saying; “yes a good/ interesting point you and Sarah have just made.”

Zoe Yak: “Understand that class makes it even harder to be a woman in business. We need empower but ensure we’re doing extra to empower women from working class backgrounds, single mothers and those without a university education who might have been taught to “stay in their lane”.”

Mandy Sinclair: “Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and be honest. Give your time to other women and share your real experiences. It’s ok to say it’s hard, and that you sometimes struggle and have confidence issues. Owning up to that and sharing how you overcome that is really valuable.”

Andrea Heslop: “I believe it’s taking other like-minded women with you to share the opportunities don’t get there then shut everyone else out. Empower them. Surround yourself with positive liked minded women in your network.”

Francesca G.E Manca: “Support each other. Compliment and praise other women for their success. Help those at the start of their career to grow and shine. And never, NEVER stay silent when witnessing any kind from bullying, mobbing, prevarication, or any other threatening or demeaning behaviour.”

Marie Hall: “Encourage women to use their voice and be voice their ideas. See, connect and engage with other women from the trainees to women on the Board. Be present, speak up and be proud yourself so that other women see you doing this and feel safe to do the same. Make imperfection ok.”

Influencing others for good when it comes to women in the workplace means a lot to us. This month, take some time to raise conversation with others on the issues that matter to you – whether it’s gender equality, climate change, politics, human rights or something else.

From posting a tweet to a chat with a colleague in the staff room, your voice has the power to #InfluenceForGood.

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